Your lungs can absorb more oxygen with this simple practice

What would you do if your room did not have windows and your lungs are craving for more oxygen?

Very recently,  a client of mine went to Singapore on vacation. Before she left, she visited me seeking help to improve her digestion so that she can eat everything she wanted to and help her in a way that she’d not have any symptoms after binging. It was rather an unusual request.

Well, I helped her with Marma Chikitsa, a process to help harmonise flow of Prana so that the body develops more resilience and tolerant. However, I cautioned her from abusing her body.

She reached Singapore and there were frantic messages from her saying that she was feeling claustrophobic because the rooms allotted to her didn’t have windows.  Her requests for one was turned down. 

What would one do in a room without windows?


Some people find it a huge challenge. It’s almost a feeling of chocking to death.

Marma Chikitsa is a lifesaver. Here’s a practice you can do so that your lungs can absorb more oxygen instantly and help you breathe easy. 

The Practice: Place your right hand on your left chest where your chest merges with the shoulder. You must be able to find a mild depression as indicated in the image.

Do the same with your left hand by placing it on your right chest.

Now, rotate both hands outward first and then inward each time completing there revolutions.

Do not rub your chest. You must apply moderate pressure to move your muscles.

With just three sets of massage, your lungs will be able to absorb more oxygen.

Repeat this every morning when your stomach is empty.

When your lungs are able to breathe better, you will feel more confident. With more confidence, your dependence on medication will reduce.

Whether you have asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or whether someone close to you in admitted in the ICU with breathing complications, this therapy will help you.

I remember one such occasion where doctors told one of my close relatives that she will slip into coma within a few hours and by night she will pass away.  I was there at the hospital and her son shared the news with me. I asked him if I could be of help in this situation. He asked me if there is anything I could do.

I did this therapy on her and shared this therapy with the nurse and her son too. Later in the evening, I got the news that she was discharged from hospital and without oxygen support.

I have added a video link below in which you can see the actual way of going about this technique.

You can see this video by clicking this link: Your lungs can absorb more oxygen with this simple technique

Mahesh Krishnamurthy is an expert in Nadi Pariksha and Marma Chikitsa.

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