Can’t meditate? Know how to silence the mind in an instant

Do you really want to know how to silence the mind in an instant?

The mind is maya. Without mind there is no maya. Just you. 

The mind entices you with your self-created thoughts, memories of experiences and your desires which you’ve created about what you want in the future. 

The mind is like a Friday movie release. It creates this urgency. Watch it now. The only difference between your Friday movie release and the mind is that, Friday comes once a week… whereas, for the mind, every moment is a Friday. 

This is the trap we fall into each time and to silence the mind seems an unwanted task or too much of a trouble.

So, what do you think the mind is?

The mind is a movie screen. It’s a 360° movie screen all around you. You are given to believe what you’re experiencing is true. 

Your thoughts, words and actions create more and more movies around you. The more the movies, the more you want to indulge in them and the less silence you have in the mind.

If you are a seeker of silence and peace, stop creating more movies. And more importantly, stop watching the movies you’ve created. 

But, before you learn to stop creating your movies and stop indulging in them, you must know what the mind does to you.

It’s a long chain. If I was writing a philosophical article, I would have to explain each of the concepts of mind, thoughts, etc. But, I am sharing a practice to silence the mind in an instant.

Your mind is the fertile ground on which thoughts breed. Thoughts create actions. Actions cause habits. Habits create beliefs. Belief create attitudes and your personality is formed from your attitude.

Did you know that a worried, anxious or disturbed mind can cause your body to become unhealthy and sick?

So, don\’t delay any further.

For you to stop your mind from projecting thoughts that prevent you from being in peace and silence, you need to stop this chain.

Imagine your mind as an overcoat that you are wearing on yourself. And your thoughts, actions, habits, beliefs, your attitude and personality each as individual coats one over the other. These layers of overcoats are so thick that they prevent you from accessing the real you who is calm, peaceful, joyful and being love.

So, if you want to be you, you need to penetrate all these suits you’re wearing. That seems to take a long time.

Here is a short cut. This is what you do.

Silence your mind now

When the mind projects an image or sequence of images or even a movie..

You just have to say this to yourself. 

The mind is projecting thoughts. I’ve nothing to do with any of this anymore.”

In the beginning, you’ll have to tell yourself more often. Slowly but surely, you will stop identifying with the mind. 

The benefits are immense. When you are indulging in the mind, it’s like a fan turned on in high speed. 

The moment you stop this indulgence, you fan speed reduces. When non-indulgence in the mind is total, the fan will come to a stop. 

This is how you get to silence.

Don\’t let the mind fool you

The mind will fool you by telling you, this practice to silence the mind can’t be so simple. Don’t trust your mind. Just practice and see for yourself.

Like I told you, in the beginning, you will feel that the mind is becoming silent only for a few seconds. Continue the practice to make that moment of silence longer.

With practice you will be able to step into total silence.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Keith John Lazaro
Keith John Lazaro
5 years ago

I found this very thought provoking. While reading it itself I found the distinction between my mind and self. Will surely attempt the practice.

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