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Nadichikitsa™ - Holistic diagnosis through Nadi Pariksha and treatments customised to make you smile again.

Do you wake up feeling tired and sleepy when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel like eating a sweet after your meal? Do you pass stools more than once in the morning? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then your body is deficient in energy and may be silently manifesting an illness. A Nadi Pariksha – Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis will help diagnose, investigate and evaluate just like a full body checkup and reveal what is happening in your body so that you are forewarned of potential health risk in your body.

Your body

Your body is constantly sending you signals, forewarning you of potential health risks that you will experience. Modern medical investigations are not designed to forewarn you of potential health risks. Their full body checkup only diagnoses measurable symptoms. Furthermore, the modern medical treatments are designed to manage the symptoms and not cure the root cause. This is the reason why 70% of world population who take at least 1 pill a day are Americans. And 20% Americans take at least 5 pills daily.

Our Practice

Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis is the core diagnostic technique practiced at Nadichikitsa™ which forewarns you of potential health risks that can manifest in your body. You can get a full body checkup at Nadichikitsa™.

Nadi Pariksha is the only Ayurvedic diagnosis technique that can help you diagnose and forewarn you of potential health risks that can manifest in your body.

Do allergies happen suddenly in the body? Does asthma strike suddenly? Does your cholesterol rise without sounding an alert?

Stop swallowing pills

You can opt out of taking pills by learning how to support your body to overcome most of the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. Never postpone your health concerns. You never know when a simple symptom can turn chronic. Get a full body checkup today.

Learn Nadi Pariksha

Our approach is holistic

Nadichikitsa™ is a proven and time tested system to diagnose the potential health risks in your body and treat them holistically. Potential health risks are those which lie low in your body and are not detectable. Most  modern medical investigations are not equipped to diagnose health risks that may manifest in future.

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is the only method to diagnose potential health risks in the body. The root cause of your health risks are due to your food habits and lifestyle, thinking inappropriately, feeling emotionally low, repetitive beliefs and habit patterns that don’t serve you, etc,. All of this can be diagnosed with Nadi Pariksha or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis.

Our therapies and treatments are designed to help your body develop the immunity it needs to stay healthy.

Our holistic treatment and therapies to heal your mind-emotion-body-spirit and that makes Nadichikitsa™’s healing programmes one of the best that you have ever experienced. Book your first appointment now.

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May 11, 2019, Bangalore

  • Mahesh was graceful in his approach of diagonising and communicating the basics of marma chikitsa. Had a very good experience of the flow of prana and how we balance to lead a healthy and peaceful life through caring and sharing. Thanks for sharing this knowledge..
    Krishnappa Bheemanna Client
  • Pleasent experience, Learnt thinking beyond the boundaries, Every one should learn marma chikitsa, We can change our life style in an accurate manner.
    Akshay Anand Client
  • As a therapist I have got to know touch also matters to people. We learned about Marma Chikitsa, a natural healing therapy that will benefit lot of people who under go stress, depression and get great relief for pain too. I am thankful to ma'am for organising and Mahesh Sir to teach this naturally healing process...
    Auricular Therapist Participant
  • This Marma Chiktsa Foundation Course helped me understand the power of psychology and it's influence on our body. The explanation that any issues in our body is connected to our thoughts by sir was awesome. Thanks for this to Mahesh sir and Gayatri for facilitating. 👌🙏
    Mahesh J Participant
  • The session was an eye opener to all of us who believed that disease is inside and treatment is from outside.. but this Marma Chikitsa Foundation Course changed my prespective..disease is from outside while treatment is from inside.. thanks maheshji for spending his valuable time to teach the techniques that he has learnt over the years..thanks gayathri ma'am for a very very well organised session
    Sharadha Participant
  • Thanks Gayathri for organising wonderful class.Maheshji taught us &explained very well.I heard about marma, I was searching for a master. Gayatri really helped to fulfil my wish. Mahesh Sir taught us very nicely how to heal our self emotionally & physically & as well as others. Thanks Gayatri&Mahesh sir.
    Usha Participant


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