What is the role of Ayurvedic Medicines in well-being?

Most people believe Ayurvedic medicines are like modern medicine, which, when taken to address a symptom, will relieve that symptom. Ayurvedic medicines must not be taken like that. The line of treatment holds a prime slot in Ayurvedic treatments.

The term Ayurvedic medicine has been used and abused like never before. Everything from neem capsules to turmeric powder is called Ayurvedic Medicine. Though several single drugs exist in Ayurveda, everything must not be categorised as Ayurvedic medicine and, by doing so, must not be consumed with the belief that it is good for you.

Understanding Dosha or imbalance is the fulcrum of Ayurvedic health evaluation and treatments. This is accomplished through Nadi Pariksha (pulse examination) or Doot Nadi Pariksha (remote pulse examination). Everything from body, diet, medicine, and lifestyle revolves around balancing the doshas. For example, Turmeric reduces Kapha and Vata dosha and increases pitta dosa. Likewise, every herb or a combination of herbs formulated into a medicine or health supplement must be consumed only after knowing what doshas they address. So, there is a measure of how much to take, who can consume it, and how long. Ayurveda does not prescribe lifestyle medicine or health supplements, which can be taken daily.

Ayurveda prescribes a line of treatment. It begins with cleansing the gut to prepare the body for treatment. This is the first medicine or health supplement you begin with. Thereafter, the medicines or supplements that address the dosha that cause the symptoms, such as lower back pain, cervical pains, gut issues, accumulated fats, etc., are prescribed. During the line of treatment, specific diets that prevent aggravation of the dosha are suggested. Once a proper line of treatment is followed, the body recovers quickly.

The client is expected to participate in the healing process by strictly following the diet suggestions and adhering to the prescribed lifestyle. Merely taking medicines or health supplements does not provide the desired benefit.

– Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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