Agni is the Fire that ignites and transforms

Do you get angry frequently? Do you get migraines when you don\’t eat your meals? Does sharp sounds, harsh sunlight, strong perfumes irritate you? Does your body emanate bad odour when you sweat? Your body may be containing more Agni. Increased Agni causes more Pitta in the body. It is fire that ignites and transforms everything. As Tejas, it also induces certain emotional feelings. It then becomes important and necessary to pacify Pitta and Tejas in the body and mind.

What is Agni?

Agni is the third of the 5 elements of nature. It is Pitta or fire. It is life. A healthy Agni helps a body have Life span or longevity, good complexion, strength, health, enthusiasm, goodwill, vitality, high spirited and life-force-energy. The organism with balanced Agni is in sound health. Agni digests foods and converts it into nutrients, transforms into Ojas, strength and gives a healthy complexion. It is the remedy for cold.

In the mind, Agni exists as Tejas that helps think, plan, process information and transform information into knowledge.

Properties of Agni

Agni is hot, sharp, subtle, light, dry and clear. It possess the attribute to give form and features. Derivatives of Agni are present in the body in liquid form. They cause thirst, help digest, provide lustre to the body, make the body glow, give strength and colour to the body.

What happens when Agni goes bad?

When Agni gets distorted, then it is called Saamaagni. The body then produces certain symptoms. When people do not drink enough water or those who eat foods with more Pitta such as foods with green chillis, garlic, etc., Agni increases in the body and causes the body to emanate bad odour. The skin also gets affected. Agni will cause the skin colour to turn greenish, yellowish or gets blackened. Agni causes bitter taste in the mouth. The body feels hard, dense and heavy. It also produces acidic bile secretions and creates thirst in chest and throat.

What happens when Tejas gets distorted?

Tejas causes feelings. It also increases faculties of determination, sharper mental faculties, ability to process information faster, helps in mathematical calculations, and analysis. a person with good Tejas is able to discern better.

When Tejas gets distorted, it causes the mind to work in other ways. One of the main functions of Tejas is to process information. Intelligence is heightened with Tejas. However, distorted Tejas causes perverted behaviour. Feelings of lust, greed, hatred, rage, envy, and jealousy occur. A distorted Tejas makes a person become judgmental and may cause suicidal tendencies.

A person with weak Tejas may feel low self worth, depressed and anxious. Such people usually resort to negative thinking and often worry too much.

Foods that cause Pitta and Tejas to increase

Foods that are hot and sour to taste such as Chillis, black pepper, vinegar and alcohol increase Pitta in the body. Below is a list of all food items that increase Pitta in the body. When Pitta increases in the body, it may also distort Tejas.

[supsystic-tables id=3]

Ways to pacify Pitta and Tejas

The three primary ways to pacify Pitta and Tejas in the body are through food and water, yoga and with unconditional love. Yoga is one of the best ways to pacify Pitta. Horizontal and inverted Yoga asana help reduce Vayu, increase Kapha and balance Pitta. Twists usually ignite Agni.

In Conclusion

When Agni is good in the stomach, Pitta is good in the body and Tejas is good in the mind, the body will be strong, with good colour, texture and glow and life will be exciting, with enthusiasm and full of energy.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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