Can chronic disease occur due to minor distress?

Did you know that minor distress can put you at risk of chronic disease?

The onset of chronic diseases are on the rise. Symptoms such as Chronic obstructive lung disease, Chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain are more common than a few years ago. A recent study concludes; when we are exposed to low levels of psychological distress, it still jeopardises our well being. The effects of such distress can create chronic illness later in life.

The Research

In the new study, the researchers analyzed relevant data collected from 16,485 adults for a period of 3 years. Prof. Gale and McLachlan obtain this information using the UK Household Longitudinal Study. They gather data regarding the health status, well-being, and living conditions — among other things — of U.K. citizens.

They looked specifically for links between psychological distress and the development of four chronic diseases: diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Prof. Gale and McLachlan\’s also investigated whether any such association could be explained by modifiable factors such as eating habits, exercise, or smoking, or by participants\’ socioeconomic status.

Prof. Gale and McLachlan\’s study found that, despite the fact that they are not considered clinically significant, even low to moderate levels of experienced distress can heighten the risk for a chronic diseases later in life. You can read the whole article from here.

Reducing distress may prevent onset of chronic disease

\”Screening for distress, may help to identify those at risk of developing arthritis, Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disorder, and cardiovascular disease, while interventions to reduce distress may help to prevent and limit progression of disease, even for people with low levels of distress.\” said Prof Gale.

What can be done to identify this distress?

At Nadichikitsa, we practice Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. Our expertise is in early diagnosis of mental, emotional, and psychological distress. Psychological distress is not yet detectable by modern medical investigations. We have diagnosed over 43000 cases of emotional, psychological and mental distress successfully and accurately and provided appropriate treatments that remove distress and cure the diseases.

A Case of diagnosing psychological distress


One of the important cases we like to share is a symptom called chylothorax. Chylothorax (or chyle leak) is a type of pleural effusion. It results from lymph formed in the digestive system called chyle accumulating in the pleural cavity. It is a rare and chronic lung disease.

The initial scan showed his lungs were filled with chyle. He was told he may have to go through radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat his symptom. At the sought modern medical intervention and fluid was removed. Then, his condition was studied and tissue samples were taken to rule out malignancy.

When doctors were not able to confidently say that his condition will not recur, he sought to consult me. With Nadi Pariksha I could dig into the root cause of his symptom which was psychological and emotional distress.

Treating distress to reverse chronic disease


Only a few treatments were given to my client after identifying his psychological and emotional distress. A repeat x-ray was taken after 10 weeks to assess his condition. His chronic disease, chylothorax was completely cured.

I have seen from my work spanning nearly two decades that by treating psychological and emotional distress, I have been able to see reversal of chronic diseases such as Asthma, Chylothorax,  arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic heart disease, cardio-vascular disease, and diabetes.

How we work?

The first meeting begins with a Nadi Pariksha. During the 1-hour appointment with you, we will discuss diagnosis of emotional and psychological distress which you may or may not be aware of, which may be causing your chronic disease. Subsequently, with your consent, we will prepare a treatment plan that will help you reverse your chronic disease.

The author, Mahesh Krishnamurthy, has more than two decades of experience diagnosing physiological and emotional distress and how that can manifest as chronic illness. He has since helped over 43000 people.

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