How I learnt not to bother about others perception about me

What happens to you when someone gestures to you in an accusatory manner? Do your emotions turn on? Do you fume with anger, feel victimised and become unhappy? or do you escape being targeted with fear? Here is an experience I had yesterday and I am sharing how I learnt not to bother about others perception about me.

I usually take the narrower streets of Vyalikaval and Coconut Avenue road to read home from office. Yesterday, I had taken the same route, driving back home. I was closer to the 1st coconut avenue road near the Kadu Malleswara Temple (Shiva temple in what was a forest once). I had a Toyota Fortuner come towards me from the opposite direction. There was hardly any space for two vehicles to pass each other unless one of us would to our extreme left sides.

She began abusing me

So, I decided to turn to the extreme left. There was a lady who was ahead of me, walking towards me. The distance between the two of us was a clear 30 feet. Looking at my vehicle approaching me, she gestured towards me in a accusatory manner and was mumbling so loudly that I could hear her voice. However, with my focus on the approaching vehicle and the safety of others, I did not pay much attention to what she was saying. Little did it bother me.

Within a few seconds, the Toyota Fortuner passed me and I continued my drive towards home.

I learnt something very important yesterday. I learnt not to bother and I wish to share this learning with you.

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