Survey says your eating habit is making you sick

Are you really hungry? Or is your hunger a habit? Your eating habit is making you sick. What you eat and when you eat can become the main reasons for your body to develop diabetes, blood pressure and cardio vascular diseases. And the associated problems of hair loss, baldness, psoriasis and a host of other skin disorders.

Our Survey says your eating habit is making you sick

I recently conducted a survey about hunger and eating. The results are scary and alarming. Below are the results;

While 85% of the total 149 people who participated in the survey realise that hunger is a physical feeling. However, only 10.7% actually feel hunger. 40.9% think they\’re hungry when they feel emptiness in their bellies while 23.5% feel rumbling in their bellies (movement of gases) is hunger. This is a dangerous situation. Eating without feeling hungry is the first step to a greater health concern. Accumulation of fats, metabolic and auto-immune disorders and a host of other illnesses are born here.

The real reason why you are unwell

The corporate world has seen the worst healthcare crisis in the last decade and it is only going to become worse. Healthcare insurance and healthcare services are on the rise. However, there are not many people who are out there to solve the real reason why you are unwell. I have been working with people for over 29 years now. Though this problem existed before, it is achieving its peak now, or probably, it has never been this steep a climb before for people to be so unwell. why are people being sick more frequently that ever before?

Agni is the Fire that ignites and transforms

Do you get angry frequently? Do you get migraines when you don\’t eat your meals? Does sharp sounds, harsh sunlight, strong perfumes irritate you? Does your body emanate bad odour when you sweat? Your body may be containing more Agni. Increased Agni causes more Pitta in the body. It is fire that ignites and transforms everything. As Tejas, it also induces …

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