Relationships can affect your health

Sachin(name changed), a man in his fifties came for a consultation. He looked bulky and could have easily weighed close to a hundred kilos. He had mentioned that he had diabetes and hypertension. So, when I performed his Nadi Pariksha, my diagnosis and investigation revealed to me that he was unhappy. He had more health […]

Engagement that never happened

Shekar (name changed) had come for a consultation two years ago. He had pain in his abdomen that was not diagnosed clinically. After performing his Nadi Pariksha, I suggested what he had to do. He practiced what I had suggested and his pain vanished. Now, two years later, he brought his wife for a consultation […]

Why women have osteoporosis

Lakshmi, a woman of 43 years came in for a consultation. When I diagnosed her condition through Nadi Pariksha, I realised that she had body pains. She confirmed this diagnosis when asked. As I investigated further into the diagnosis, it became clear to me that her bones were not getting the required nourishment. This is […]

Three ways to get your kids to obey you

Vimala (name changed) brought her son for a consultation. After diagnosing, investigating and evaluating his diagnosis through Nadi Pariksha, I told her what needed to be followed so that his body can return to normalcy once again. After a short discussion, Vimala asked her son to sit outside so that she can speak to me […]

Why does a woman feel so hurt and so easily?

Have you ever wondered why a woman feels so hurt and so easily? And did you know that every woman has a first love? A couple came for a consultation the other day. The woman’s complaint was that she was a victim of his anger. The husband was justifying his stand that anger simply happened […]

Medicine is only 30 percent of healing

Shwetha (name changed) came with a symptom of extreme giddiness. Her condition was so bad that she was unable to travel. Furthermore, she said that she feels better when she wears footwear, something we don’t allow in our office. ?So, I had to travel to her aunt’s house to where she travelled with difficulty. I […]

Don’t just fight the problem – solve it

Are you anxious when you think of going to office? Do you feel tired and fatigued? Do you experience workplace anxiety? Then it’s time to move on. Workplace anxiety can cause changes in your body. Your body can manifest symptoms that includes a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, sleep disorders, anal fistula, anal fissures and chronic […]

Do you know this lady your wife introduced you to? – mother-in-law

When you got married, your wife introduces you to another person in the family. This is a person you have been with all your life, but didn’t know this part of her personality until the day you got married. She’s your wife’s mother-in-law. Yes, she’s is the same lady who gave birth to you, but, […]

The countdown can trigger the mind to overcome fears

Waking up children can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents. On school days, there are many threats looming large on children heads. These threats include being marked absent, giving a leave letter to the teacher, incomplete homework, missing classes and so on. The list is long. However, on weekends, there is nothing […]

Teen behaviour – What you can do to regulate them

Sahana (name changed), a girl of 16 years came with her mother for a consultation. After her mother’s consultation, it was Sahana’s turn. From my diagnosis, investigation and evaluation of performing her Nadi Pariksha, I found more than usual restlessness, anxiety and behavioural issues in her. Sometimes, to get to the root of the problem, […]

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