Varanasi – Experience Shiva – The Great Void

Shiva is the great void. It is where everything ends or dissolves. This life you are living will also enter the great void when you drop the body. None of us can escape this void.

You can do this if you want success in life

No matter what your goal in life is, you need stability from within. The first step is to discipline your life. Create a structure today to achieve success

Procrastination can make you sick

Procrastination is potentially hazardous to your mental well being. Stop procrastination now with these 4 simple steps. Let procrastination not consume you.

Incredible facts about the mind

When you don’t use the mind appropriately, you can feel #anger, #mental_agitation, #frustration, #depressed and #anxiety. There are specific practices mentioned in the ancient scriptures which we are using to get people out of this mess.

We mourn the death of our brave CRPF soldiers

We mourn the death of our brave CRPF soldiers. Nation pays homage to our brave CRPG soldiers

Incredible facts about Indian Gooseberry

Amla or gooseberry is one of the wholesome fruits that is an immune booster as well as a healthy treat. Today, I am bringing you one such healthy and tasty preparation called Gooseberry Thokku.

Love it all

Today is Valentine’s Day. How does love work? How can I love more? How can I be more loving?

Think Globally Act Locally

Are you preparing to die? – Unless you do this, You will not have a chance to live. Your time is now. Save yourself before it hits you.

Unknown facts of Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita narrates krishna Arjuna Samvada that happened before the battle of Kurukshetra. The Kurukshetra war was one of the deadliest battles in its time. What really happened before the Battle of Kurukshetra? What did Krishna really reveal to Arjuna? Have we really understood what is said?

Are we a part of the problem that we are not seeing!

Take responsibility and mentor your children – Children need maximum mental nourishment – learn how to mentor and when to guide – basic values – discipline

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