Do affirmations really work?

Affirmations have taken centerstage in people’s lives especially after the book titled “The Secret” was released. However, there are also scores of people who have shared with me, why affirmations don’t work for them. I have helped scores of people and taught them how they can make their affirmations work. So, for those who are […]

Help your children have a vision or else they will turn out to be like you

Parents must support their children in two ways; help them dream, help them nurture their dream. Help your children have a vision for their future.

Do you have the healer code in you?

Have you observed solutions come to you from thin air that helps others? Then, there are chances that you have healer code in you.Unlock the healing code within.

High doses of Vitamin D3 can damage your kidneys

A 54 year old man who had taken high dosage of Vitamin D3 for over 2 1/2 years and that has damaged his kidneys. We explore natural sources of vitamin D3 and multivitamins. Chakramuni is a natural multivitamins plant

Family time – What you mustn’t ignore

Family time is one of the most important part of your life which you must never ignore. It has a profound effect, not only on you, but also your children.

It is now or never again

It is now or never. Such was her enthusiasm and energy. When she spoke, she looked into the eye. Such was her self resepct, self worth and self confidence.

Cure lock jaw without surgery

Lock jaw is a common symptom in which a person who is speaking or yawning is unable to close his or her jaw. Lock jaw doesn’t need surgery. Ayurvedic remedies to cure Lock jaw.

Meditation and Self Worth

What stops you from waking up every morning and sitting in mediation? Why reasons become more important than action? Find out whether your self worth is low

The mythical ME time

The 24 hours available with me today, from the morning, is me time to spend with myself. How I live the 24 hours, what I do in this time is all that matters

Cure conjunctivitis or Madras eye with Ayurveda

Madras eye or conjunctivitis is a symptom which usually occurs with increasing day temperatures in summer. It is also called pink eye. With Ayurveda, we can cure conjunctivitis.

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