6 Ultimate ways to improve flexibility for yoga practitioners
Are you trying to get more flexible in your Yoga Class? Are you getting frustrated with your lack of flexibility? Are your thinking of dropping out of your Yoga class because of your lack of flexibility? You know what! You are not alone in this. Countless people everyday give up their Yoga training only because they believe they are not getting any better with their flexibility. Actually there are 6 Ultimate ways to improve flexibility
Suffering in sorrow is one of the most painful feelings one can go through. It is more painful to see someone else suffer in sorrow. Especially when you are feeling others’ sorrow and there is little or nothing you can do about it. Why does God allow Suffering? Sorrow and suffering is the reason why we are alive today. If there was no sorrow or suffering, we will not know how to live. When there
From the days of my research in Ayurveda and Yoga shastras from 2002, Several Sanskrit Pundits and Intellectuals have been in many discussion with me and suggesting to me that I must explore the possibilities of creating a machine that can Diagnose patients with Nadi Pariksha. I was exploring the depths of our ability to diagnose and check patients with Nadi Pariksha. My journey inward continues even today. Two years ago, an innovator of a
I was on a teaching assignment in a city called Karnal in the State of Haryana. I was teaching doctors, how to diagnose patients. This training to doctors was being given in a hospital. At lunch, one of the doctors, a Punjabi invited me to his house for lunch. When we reached home, he asked me whether I’ll be willing to see his mother. He said that she was depressed. She was in her early
The other day, a lady came to me for a consultation. She told me; I love my husband so much but he simply doesn’t love me or care about me. He is the best dad to our children. But, there is a distance between the two of us. She had come alone. It was evident there was a gap. His absence showcased it. I performed her Nadi Pariksha to understand her mental patterns and her subconscious


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