vietnamese girl with glowing skin in winter

Glowing skin in winter

I want to tell you a story about this lady who had beautiful glowing skin in winter and she did not have to spend any money on herself. I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on an assignment to teach Marma Chikitsa and trade in Agar-wood. During my stay, I often visited the marketplace to buy fresh vegetables. While in Vietnam, I cook my food as often as possible.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with ample greenery, and its cuisine is largely seafood and non-vegetarian, along with greens. It has a particular aroma which is new to me. I wonder whether other fellow Indians felt it too!

It was winter and so, I was going to a store to buy some vegetables to cook and there was this lady with amazing glowing skin in winter. I couldn’t hold back by enthusiasm to ask where she got her glowing skin from. Hesitating a bit, I did ask her.

She was all giggles covering her mouth. I thought she wouldn’t answer my question and my feet turned towards the direction of my service apartment and I almost started walking when she started speaking. And what she said was quite astonishing to me.

She said that she used a particular kind of vegetable mesh scrub and did not use soap. I was intrigued. I thought, not using soap was quite unhealthy. But then, she was right. Bath is only meant to remove dead skin and clean the skin with running water. Then, I asked her where I could get the vegetable scrub from!

She told me that a friend who went to Laos got it from there. She mentioned to me that it was a specific kind of a vegetable which is grown to be used as a scrub. After explaining to me, she went in a got me the scrub so I can have a look at it.

It was quite rough to touch and looking at her skin, I was in disbelief whether her skin tolerated this harsh scrub. She read my thoughts and grabbed the scrub from me and dipped it in water and handed it to me. As if by magic, the scrub had become soft like a cotton gauze. She said, it is very smooth and helps her get the glowing skin in winter.

I asked her where to order it from. She gave me the contact of her friend. I called and bought one of the scrub from her for myself which I continue to use till date.

I wanted to share it with my friends’ families as well. It was simply too good to be true. So, I bought as many as I could. I am offering them at a throwaway price so you too can have this product.

You can click the link to get one for yourself and your loved ones.

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