Anger – your greatest enemy

Anger is the worst enemy one can possess within oneself. When you are being angry, you are actually throwing garbage all around. You are polluting your environment. This does not mean you must control your anger. By controlling your anger, you are polluting your internal environment. Know more about The Anger Project.

Is anger bad?

According to Ayurveda, there are only three reasons for the body to become susceptible to illness. The third is anger. The first two are sorrow and fear.

Anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance are all habits that you let trouble you. What\’s worse is that you can pass these on from one generation to the next. When you get angry, your kids who are watching you believe that it’s okay to get angry. They learn from you and then, it’s their turn to be angry. Once you have kids have learnt your behaviour, it is very difficult to change that. They will get confused when they see you throwing your anger while you instruct them not to do so.

Anger is garbage. I throw at you and you throw at me. Then we both throw at each other and at everybody else who comes our way. Anger is a bad attitude.

Is anger an emotion or an expression?

Anger can become uncontrollable as an emotion. Thats when it turns to rage. When you are in rage, you lose control of yourself. You don\’t know what you are doing. Your body becomes stiff. Anger takes over and you are out of control. You break things. Your could do anything that you will regret later.

However, people who are in control use anger an as expression. Do not practice throwing anger at home. You can instead use anger as only an expression. This means, your voice, face express in a way that people believe you are angry. In reality, you are only expressing. You are not angry at all. Your body is calm. There is no stiffness. 

What can anger do to your body?

When you get angry, your body releases acids, chemicals and enzymes. Your body becomes stiff and shivers from anger. Your heart beat becomes faster and rigid and your blood pressure shoots up. It doesn\’t stop there. Your nerves get agitated. Your arteries and veins can rupture. Repetitive anger can cause your nerves to wear out resulting in burning in your feet and your hands.

An elderly lady who was repetitively getting angry at her husband has her nerve endings burnt resulting in peripheral neuropathy, a symptom that causes your hands and feet to burn.

Gall stones is another symptom of suppressing anger. These days, the occurrence of cirrhosis of the liver or chronic liver disease is on the rise amongst tea totalers. The reason is again suppressed anger.

Recently, a person who had come for consultation revealed to me that his son who was getting very angry had a brain haemorrhage. To a person in the medical field, these are common occurrences. However, the connections between the root cause and symptom is often missed. The diagnosis points at vitamin and mineral deficiency and one is prescribed injections and tablets to manage the symptom.

How do I not react angrily?

In any situation, one has to reason the happenings. When someone expresses angrily at you, question… What is this person doing? Is the person venting out something that is causing discomfort within? Or is the person expressing angrily at me? These questions need to be asked within but, they don\’t come in the moment unless, you are practicing it.

99% of the time, the person is venting out something that is causing discomfort. The person wants to throw it out of his or her system. The 1% is when the person expressing angrily at you.

When you reason, you will not react with anger. You will actually want to leave the place without wanting to take part in the garbage throwing event.

Sometimes you get angry with yourself for doing something stupid. In such situations do not beat yourself up with anger. It is better to reason with yourself. Do not question, how could you do this, how could you be so stupid. Instead, you can practice telling yourself, I let myself down. I slipped. I will pick myself up now and never let myself fall again. In the beginnin your mind will resist and you won\’t feel any different. However, when you become more sensitive, you will feel the difference.

Being angry is no way to go about getting your way! I have seen people who have stubbed their life with a suicide only because they couldn\’t overcome their anger. It is always better to reason than take revenge.

When you are able to reason, your life will be beautiful once again. And you will not allow anger to destroy your life.

[ps2id id=\’no-anger\’ target=\’\’/]The Anger Project

When you want to feel more peaceful in a troubled environment, you need something strong to practice. You also need someone who can remind you of your practice, to keep calm, to reflect, to reason. Furthermore, you also need to know what to practice. There are several practices you need to practice so that you can remain calm. This is why I created The Anger Project.

The Anger project is aimed at turning your adversity into your opportunity. There is no way you will win with anger. Anger can only spoil what can otherwise be peaceful. There is a way with anger. Do you want to know how?

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— This post was written and published by Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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4 years ago

Very nice article. very much essential to know about the anger in the present stressful days.

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