I cured my skin allergy completely

Yes, I cured my skin allergy. I was barely 11 years of age when I was in a north eastern state of Tripura. I was washing my hands on cold water when my hands began to itch and then got rash on hands. I did not realise what was happening. Within a few weeks, the sensation of itching and the itchy skin rash spread to my whole body. I would scratch uncontrollably and my body would have these reddish body rash.

Even when I ate an ice cream, my tongue and lips would swell.

My parents and relatives took me to several doctors. One allergy treatment after the other were followed. Nothing worked. Finally, one doctor told me to use only hot water for all purposes. The itch and the allergic reaction never went.

A few years went by and then, the coating on my tongue began to change. It looked like the coating was present in parts of the tongue and in some parts it was absent. My parents and aunt showed me to several doctors. Again, nothing worked.

It was much later, when I was a Senior Research Fellow in Yoga and Ayurveda Shastras at a Research Institute FRLHT, that I also researched on my condition and got to know what was happening.

What caused my rash on hands?

\"skinWhen we, as family shifted from Bangalore to the NorthEastern State of Tripura, my education suffered badly. The language, the people, all changed. I was psychologically distressed. My distressed condition caused my digestion to suffer. I realised as I worked in the research centre and the hospital attached to it, the connection between psychological distress and skin allergy.

When I put all of these together, I figured out that my psychological distress was the root cause of my skin allergy. Some of my favourite foods were now my enemies. I could no longer take them without having a skin rash or some allergic reaction.

I also found that exposure to certain weather conditions aggravate the condition. Particularly, exercise was one of them.

Subsequently, I studied thousands of patients with these allergic reactions. Different kinds of itchy skin rash, different skin allergy types such as eczema, and other kinds of skin allergy all pointed more towards psychological distress.

How I cured my skin allergy?

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to find out what was causing my itchy skin rash. There was sudden itching and body rash and it came without warning.

So, I started with food. I observed the foods that caused itching and rash on hands and my skin rash. I avoided these foods. It was very difficult in the beginning because some of them were my favourite foods.

Within the first few weeks I saw my condition become less severe. I also noticed, if I ever took any of the foods I should have avoided, I would have severe itching and rash on hands and it would trigger an allergic reaction and blow out to a intolerable body rash.

Then, I began observing my thoughts and feelings. I observed my behaviour patterns and emotions. I realised, when I was sad, the problem recurred. Not that it wouldn\’t happen when I was happy! It seemed as if the allergic reaction was less severe and it was a shorter skin rash episode when I was happy.

As I kept the thoughts and feelings and behavioural patterns and emotions under check, the symptoms also kept a low. They almost vanished. I had forgotten about the rash on hands, the itchy skin rash and the whole body rash.

Then, suddenly, one day while I was cycling, the allergic reaction started. My body began to itch. This time, I did something different. I was now in complete mastery of my thoughts and feelings, and my behavioural patterns and emotions. So, I stopped cycling. I got off my cycle and observed the allergic reaction. I observed as it aggravated. I did not scratch myself as before. The allergic reaction, the rash on hands, the itchy skin rash and the body rash stopped.

And this was the last time the skin allergy happened.

Several years have passed now. I take my kids to the ice cream parlour, they choose one scoop of their favourite ice cream. I choose sometimes three scoops of my favourite ice cream and sometimes five. The kid in me is still alive. I eat most of my favourite foods. I am totally free of skin allergy, rash on hands, itchy skin rash and body rash.

 – About the Author – Mahesh Krishnamurthy helps people overcome their physical ailments, emotional suffering and psychological distress through specific techniques that he has learnt and created from the guidance he received in his meditations and years of research and training. For a personal session, you can schedule an appointment.

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