Akasha – The invisible element

Do you wonder why you feel lost at times? Have you felt a complete disarray for no reason? Do you go blank? Then you could be connecting to Akasha – The invisible element.

Everything around us and including our own  body, is made up of 5 elements. Akasha is the invisible element in this Universe. The Universe is filled with it. Any container or cavity is occupied by it. Akasha is space that fills emptiness. It is present outside as well as in all beings. It is the substratum of the Universe. A substratum is the foundation or basis of something. Without a substratum, there can be nothing.

Why is Akasha so important?

Before the names and forms of the countless Gods and Goddesses were present, we only had Akasha. It was and is considered as God because, there is no such place in the Universe where it is not present. God alone is all pervasive, meaning, passes through everything, all inclusive, meaning, is a part of everything and all powerful, meaning, without which nothing can exist. Therefore, Akasha has the maximum importance in the five elements of nature. This does not mean that other elements are less important. In outer space, there is Vayu, but no gravity. However, Vayu that is present in outer space does not contain the elemental properties that can sustain life on earth. Vayu helps in movement. Without Vayu, there can be no movement.

Akasha and Manas

Manas is the plane of Akasha where thinking happens. Manas and mind are two different aspects and may not be related. While mind is identified as an entity, and is also identified to a person as your mind or my mind, Manas is universal in its existence. For Manas to be active, it needs two elements – Akasha and Vayu. It is Vayu that creates the speed of thought.

I was in the foothills of Mt. Kailash 5 years ago. The experience of reduced internal Vayu was very profound. I was experiencing  awareness. When Vayu had reduced in Manas, the body became still and without a thought.

The practice of meditation is truly to focus on the beingness of Akasha. This is attained by focussing on Vayu. By focussing on Vayu, the mendicant only observes it but, does not get bound or attached by it.

Akasha and Nadi Pariksha

While performing Nadi Pariksha, the practitioner focusses on Vayu, and identifies with Akasha. That is when the practitioner stops getting influenced by Vayu. In this state the Vaidya is able to connect with Akasha that is present in the patient\’s body and is able to connect with the history of the patient\’s health.

This is the reason why the book I wrote was titled: Nadi Pariksha – The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis

Identifying with Akasha

The first step to identifying with Akasha is to begin meditation. Meditation is merging with Akasha. Without a human body, we are nothing but Akasha. However, a Sukshma Manas or the subtle plane of Akasha where thoughts exist, is connected to this disembodied Akasha which we call as a spirit or the soul. By meditation, when we are able to extricate ourselves from the influences of Manas, we will be free from the emotions in the past and fear in the future. This makes a Vaidya truly fearless.

The true Vaidya is one who is always connected to Akasha. He not only transcends the fluctuations that happen in Manas. He also uses the Manas to drive intentions that heal his patients. Blessed are those who find such Vaidyas as their Gurus.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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