Obesity – reducing weight is easier than you think

Obesity treatment is a huge marketshare in the healthcare industry. I had a person walk into my office a few months ago with an appointment to help him stop adding more weight and help him cure obesity. I am calling him Das.

Das had gone to several places before but did not find a solution that helped him get rid of obesity. The reason Das attributed to his failure in losing weight was his inability to follow the schedule. Inability to follow a schedule is also a habit many of my clients are unable to get out of.

Is your weight loss treatment plan simple to follow?

Coming back to Das, I seated him comfortably in my chamber and performed his Nadi Pariksha. Nadi Pariksha reveals the root emotional, psychological, mental cause to obesity. Nadi Pariksha also reveals whether you are hungry to eat or whether you are indulging in eating.

When I had completed my diagnosis and investigated and evaluated the diagnosis, some pertinent questions stared at me. I asked Das these very pertinent questions.

I asked him; Are you hungry?

Das replied; I am always hungry. In fact, when I see people eating food in television channels, I begin searching for food at home.

So, I rephrased my question and asked; Das, are you hungry or do you crave for food?

Das responded; I crave for food. But, I am not hungry.

Sometimes, asking the questions a little differently can bring in the awareness I need to see my clients to have so they, by themselves realise what they have been doing to themselves that causes obesity in them. This makes the journey to great health quicker.

Did you know you can eat your way to lose weight?

Eating when hungry is the first step to stop adding weight to your overweight body. Most of my clients are not aware of when to eat and what to eat. They either eat, eat, eat or they starve. Both extremes are not good.

Did you know that you can eat and still lose weight? Yes! It is indeed possible to cure obesity. The process is very simple.

As I probed deeper, I found Das felt very sad from his childhood. He said he was a depressed child. People give themselves these heavy tags.

Did you know words can create obesity?

When you call yourself depressed, you can create the feeling in your mind and body. This can alter the way your body processes food. You will then put on weight even when you drink plain water and result in obesity. Use the correct words and use words correctly. This is also very simple. Just a little help will put you on track to lose your weight.

So, I corrected Das\’s choice of words and helped him realise that he was being pampered at home. Das admitted that he always got a little extra food in his plate. His mother smothered him with food and prevented him from living his life freely. This, Das knew all the time. Only when he realised this, he felt; Oh My God!

Did you know when people treat you differently, it can cause obesity in you?

It is important to value your life instead of depend on others. This also means that you need to have all the love for your parents. But, giving into their insecurities and attachments can cause much harm to your body and mind. Obesity is a pshycho-emotional process. It is very simple to implement and drive benefit. A little push and hand holding will help you to cure obesity and embrace freedom.

Finally, I suggested to Das what he needed. A treatment plan.

Your Treatment plan is a simple \”To do\” list. It is a hands-on practice with help from us. This makes you feel more confident of achieving your target of getting rid of obesity.

In the 2 months Das implemented his treatment plan, the results were clear to him as well as his family. He was more agile, active, feeling lighter and healthier. In fact, when he revisited us, he was brimming with smile on his health status.

Das later told us that he had a breathing issue that resembled asthma that bothered him from time to time. And that had been cured with this treatment he took with us.

Though the steps mentioned above are common to all, the way each one implements these steps are guided by us.

Das has a day job. He took his decision to stop adding more weight and got the clarity to take his next step. You too can choose to take your first step stop adding more weight and achieve freedom from obesity.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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4 years ago

Very enlightening notes

Kesav Raj
Kesav Raj
4 years ago

“Use the correct words and use words correctly”
Nicely Put……

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