Tune into the correct frequency while meditating

While in meditation, it is very important that you tune into into the correct frequency.

Every living creature is a powerful wireless transmitter and receiver in the world. They’re all connected through the three states of mind (conscious, subconscious and unconscious), to the largest wireless network in the Universe.

What makes us humans different?

We are the only species on this planet who have the ability to tune-in, receive, analyse and apply the guidance we receive from the network. 

Trees are connected to the network too. They receive guidance from the network just like us. Trees don’t think, analyse or apply. They simply follow the guidance and produce more oxygen.

It is the frequency we tune in into, which makes all the difference. 

So, what is this frequency we are speaking of?

Let me try to get you to understand frequency with an example.

Let us say, you are walking alone in a dark ally at night which is unfamiliar to you. And there are hardly any people on the street. How would you feel?

Now, Let’s rewind. You are walking with a friend and both of you are scared. You don’t talk amongst each other. And you are walking through this dark ally at night which is unfamiliar to both of you. And there are hardly any people on the street. How would each of you feel?

Let’s rewind one more time. You are walking with a friend and both of you are busy chatting and laughing.  And you are walking through this dark ally at night which is unfamiliar to both of you. And there are hardly any people on the street. How would each of you feel?

The difference between the first two and last one is that;

In the first two experiences, you and your friend tuned into the frequency of fear that so many other people have felt before, which is why the fear in you exposed itself.

In the last instance, you were chatting with your friend and laughing. You tuned into happiness. So, fear lies low.

Look at the world around you

People are tuning into fear through televisions, computers, mobile phones and news papers. Neighbours look at each other with suspicion. 

While the Governments do their work, the opposition is meant to dig into every minuscule crack in their agenda and expose them so the Government will take measures to rectify their errors.

However, the Governments and Opposition, both fear their secret and shadow transactions being exposed.

Look at countries around you. The arms race is just not ending. There is fear all around.

Now, let us look at some experiences on the other side of the frequency spectrum…

Let us say you open the front door and the first person to greet is your Labrador dog. How would the dog greet you? And how would you feel? And isn’t this love unconditional?

That’s the frequency we need to tune into. We all must tune into the frequency of pure divine Love.

How do we do this?

What you read all this while was how what you thought reflected back to you. This happens because we live in a reflective universe. What we think comes back to us as a reflection. What we do unto others comes back to us as reaction and what we speak comes back to us as resound.

These were given by God Himself.

If everything begins from you, so must love.

There are several ways you can share God\’s love unconditionally. Here is a simple technique you can practice.

The practice to tune into the correct frequency in meditation

  • Imagine the Sun to be your God. That way it will be Universal.
  • Now visualise, think, imagine or feel an invisible beam of light that is flowing from the Sun unto you connecting you to the Sun.
  • Next, imagine a flower in the centre of your chest. Observe whether this flower is a bud, half opened, fully blossomed or wilted. Either way, order this flower to come into full bloom.
  • Ask the Sun or God to send light and love to you in a measure that God knows you can handle. At the same time breathe in this light and love through the flower into your heart. Now you are beginning to tune into the correct frequency.
  • Allow this light and love to spread throughout your being. As you breathe out, direct this love to everyone you can think of.
  • Continue to tune into the correct frequency while meditating. Do not direct this love to only one person. This way the practice loses its universality. Instead, share it with as many people as possible.
  • Practice this until you naturally share love with all human beings. Do not judge anyone. And remember, you are sharing God\’s love, so don\’t get into the business of choosing who will receive and who will not.
  • Then move on to sharing it with all living forms like tress, animals, birds and insects. It is usually easier to share with other lifeforms because they don\’t judge like us.
  • Finally, share with even the stones, soil, clouds and other nature elements.

As you practice, notice how, the more you share love, the more you stay in tune with the correct frequency.

Now practice while you are aware and actively moving about everyday.

A word of caution! This practice makes others be attracted towards you. Be sure to keep distance. You know its God\’s love you are sharing. Other might not.

The actual practice is to become the love that you are.

The greatest challenge will be to stop judging your family members! Best of luck with that.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Anoop Manjunath R
Anoop Manjunath R
5 years ago

Lovely message and a technique for a way of life- lovely life. Many Thanks for your love to spread your knowledge. It would immensely benefit people.
Thank you.

Reply to  Anoop Manjunath R
5 years ago

Thank You Anoop

5 years ago

Very sweet article Swami ??? and a practice which will make you feel energised the moment i start practising.
Now this is called really universal. Article just got delivered in the hour of need for me.

Thank you for such an amazing article. I feel blessed to be whenever i read your articles and they have helped me to
be better everyday??.

Reply to  Raghavendra
5 years ago

Thank You Swami

Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

Difficult to imbibe. But worth trying.

Amogh Ghaisas

Reply to  Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

No! It isn’t. Just practice. Keep it simple.

Veena Rao
Veena Rao
5 years ago

Very interesting but very difficult I feel it is to practically apply it all the time to all situations…a very honest opinion

Reply to  Veena Rao
5 years ago

You’re absolutely correct. It’s simple but not easy. Constant practice makes it easy. No shortcuts.

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