Meditation and Self Worth

Many people have tried to meditate every morning. Few are successful. The rest seem to fall back into laziness. What stops you from waking up every morning and sitting in mediation. Why reasons become more important than action? These questions have answers but, not in your mind. Meditation and Self worth go hand in hand. When you feel low, you will find reasons for not doing something. And when you feel more worthy about yourself, you will find ways to accomplish what you set your mind on.

Well, it\’s not only about meditation. Everything you want to do has to do with your self worth.

I remember, when I chose to give up my Job at the research institute to pursue what I loved doing, several of my colleagues came up to me saying; \”We wanted to do this for a long time but never could get to doing it. You just did it!\” Always operate with self worth and you will see your life will happen for you. Here are few blog posts I have written so that it will help you increase your self worth so you can find ways of accomplishing what you love doing over giving reasons.

Do you still need reasons to stay where you are?

This is your opportunity to enhance your self worth so that you can take the leap that you have always wanted to. Stop giving reasons to yourself that continue to hold you back. I have worked with thousands of successful people. I can tell you that each one of them have felt fear. What kept them going was their belief in themselves, their self worth.

If you still can\’t muster the courage to get up and take that step, call us to help you. we are just a click away.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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