Cure lock jaw without surgery

Lock jaw is a common symptom in which a person who is speaking or yawning is unable to close his or her jaw. The jaw then gets locked and may cause unbearable pain to the person. Such people often hit their jaw with their hands to release the locked jaw. When you visit a doctor, often the modern medical practitioner recommends surgery. Unless your jaw bone is calcified, you don\’t need to worry about getting a surgery done. However, surgery is required only when the symptom has progressed to a state where the muscles that help in opening and closing of the jaw get calcified or become stiff and the person is unable to open the jaw. Lock jaw can be cured with Ayurvedic remedies.

Why do people have lock jaw?

Lock jaw is caused due to emotional stress. That\’s true. Lock jaw happens when you don\’t speak up when you need to, and instead withhold your words in your mouth. Then, the anger that rises in you because of your lack of expression results in lock jaw. Lock jaw builds up over time.

At what age does lock jaw happen?

There is no particular age when lock jaw manifests. However, I have seen lock jaw symptoms in people who are in their twenties. As people age, the symptom progresses to a calcified jaw which cannot be opened. In such cases a surgery is inevitable.

Can surgery be prevented?

Surgery of lock jaw can be prevented if addressed early. When you detect lock jaw symptom, do not postpone visit to an Ayurvedic Practitioner until it is too late. Avoiding it may reduce chances of natural remedies and instead may increase chances of surgery.

Ayurvedic remedies to cure lock jaw

Ayurveda has wonderful remedies to cure lock jaw symptom. There are two types of treatments that I suggest to people who have lock jaw symptom.

  1. Applying oils – Til oil is an excellent medicine to cure lock jaw. Apply a drop of til oil into each ear every morning. This will cure lock jaw.
  2. Nirmukt Chikitsa – The misuse of mind is the root of all ills. Hence, freeing the mind of such misuse is another practice that will cure lock jaw. The practice of Nirmukt Chikitsa is an excellent and powerful practice to remove emotional obstacles in the mind and reverse physical symptoms.
  3. Mahopeksha – The great forgiveness is another therapy that helps release stored emotions that create chronic, severe and irreversible symptoms.

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In Conclusion

We all carry multitudes of emotions as a result of the experiences we go through. Working towards releasing these emotions and reclaiming our joyous selves is the surest way of healing our body-mind and being.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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