It is now or never again

Varsha was an extremely dynamic and vibrant woman. It would be an understatement to call her a woman because of the child like attitude she possessed, full of enthusiasm and bubbling with energy and ideas. She was someone who called herself \”God\’s favourite child\”. We all called her \”Chota packet\”. She was a coach, training people to decode their life. Varsha wanted to give more and more and quickly. She always felt; it is now or never. Such was her enthusiasm and energy. When she spoke, she looked into the eye. Such was her self respect and self worth. She, was honest and she was always there when someone needed help. She always met challenges with self confidence. She was a fantastic human being.

Unlike many of us, she did not postpone enjoying her life. She lived life now.


Live life now – it is now or never again

How many of us live life now? How many of us postpone life for another day while we are busy with our dissatisfactions and complaints about life today? Life doesn\’t wait for you.

When you wake up, the clock for you begins to tick. It has been ticking all night. Time is passing by the second and it waits for no one. Are you giving excuses for not using the time available with you and letting it pass instead? Do your excuses really help? Who gains and who loses? You will get your answers to these questions when you see that, people who are here with us today and gone suddenly, snuffed out like a bright flame.

It is now and that is all you really have. Don\’t postpone any of your dreams for another day.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

It is now and that is all you really have. Don\’t postpone any of your dreams for another day. Dream… Dream your best life filled with love and joy. And do everything you need to make this dream come true. Varsha did it.

Most of us aren\’t smart enough to choose what\’s right. We choose what we want. But, that is not always the way things work!

Two days ago, Varsha returned from her holiday with her friend. That very evening, she had a massive heart attack. She was brain dead. The doctors tried everything they could to save her but failed.

Lessons learnt from her life

We learnt some very important lessons from Varsha\’s life. We learnt that you must never postpone giving. It has to be now. Share when you can because time doesn\’t come back.

We learnt that self respect and self worth are the first steps to success. She was a person with an amazing sense of self respect and self worth. She was always confident and willing to try a new idea. Never hesitating or doubting. She was always looking for clarity before she did something.

Learn to nurture your self worth

So, here is your opportunity to get the best out of you so that people around you can benefit from your life and experience. Everyone has something unique to give to this world. What is it that you have?

So, I am giving you some tips to enhance your self respect, self worth and self confidence. Remember, all of your energy comes from your self respect, self worth and self confidence. Should you need further assistance, You can reach out to us.

Boost your self respect in just 2 steps

Compromises can never make you happy

Never compromise your happiness for your small and short-lived pleasures. Compromises can never make you happy.

Boost your self confidence and got for it. That is the only way to get to success in life. God designed this life for you so that you can give out everything you have which can make a difference to the world around you. And for that to happen, your self confidence has to be boosted. Your enthusiasm in life comes from your self confidence.

5 steps to boost your self confidence

In Conclusion

The only way to begin your journey today is to begin. Procrastination can only keep you in the loop you are in. Break free and begin your journey now. Today is the day and now is the time to give all that you have and don\’t rest until you have given it all away. You grow only when you have given it all. When what you have is given away, what you need now will come to you. Gather your enthusiasm and energy and begin now.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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