5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health

Ayurveda is the complete resource for upkeep and restoring of health of the body. This is a science that has existed even before the time of Ramayana. Here are 5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health in the New Year.

Trick 1 of 5 simple Ayurveda tricks



Bathe before you eat your breakfast. This is first and most important of the 5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health.

Bath prepares the body for digestion in the morning and in the evening your bath prepares your body for dinner. Bathing before breakfast and dinner is always recommended.

Bath also removes your mental stress and calms the mind as you prepare to have your meal.

Trick 2 of 5 simple Ayurveda tricks

Drinking water


Drink only that much water that makes you urinate 6 times daily. 

Drink more water isn\’t essentially more beneficial. Begin your day with drinking not more than 450ml warm water.

When you have kidney stones, do not drink more water. This may be dangerous too.

This is second and very important trick of the 5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health.

Trick 3 of 5 simple Ayurveda tricks

Food and hunger


Eat only when you’re hungry. Abstain from food when you\’re not hungry.

Your body does not know how to digest when it’s not expressing hunger. Don\’t give into food cravings. If you’re not hungry before 8:00pm, your body is indicating to you that it doesn’t need energy. The best thing to do is to drink a glass of hot water and then go to sleep.

Giving into food cravings and eating when you are not hungry can later cause food related allergies.

Eat freshly cooked food. Eat when food is hot. Avoid Gluten rich foods. Eat Jowar Roti instead. Your body will shed excess weight. You will feel light and energetic.

This is life saver trick of the 5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health.

Trick 4 of 5 simple Ayurveda tricks



The best time to sleep is before 10:30pm.

There is nothing called catching up with lost sleep. Damage done is done. You will experience the consequences.

When you keep yourself awake late into the night, your brain and neurons become hyperactive and this can trigger sleeplessness, dementia and Alzheimer\’s.

Trick 5 of 5 simple Ayurveda tricks

Packaged Food


Avoid all packaged foods and fast foods. Eat fresh fruits instead.

Packaged food do not have Prana. Prana is present in fruits and freshly cooked foods.

When we eat, the body derives Prana and nutrients from the food and throws out the rest as faecal matter or stools.

Packaged foods do not add any nutrition to the body nor do they have any Prana. They deplete your body of energy. You actually feel like eating more. This is one of the root causes of obesity in children. Cooking foods in microwave also destroys Prana and depletes your body of energy.


Don\’t abuse your body


Do not smoke, drink liquor or do drugs. Your body experiences trauma when you abuse it.

Your body tries to recover from the abuse but, some tissues are left scarred, which later manifest as painful and dreaded symptoms such as cancers and tuberculosis.

You have only one body for this life. Value it.

Follow these 5 simple Ayurveda tricks to restore your health this year

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago


Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

Very nice tips Mahesh. I am happy that I am following most of them. I will try to improve further reading your article.
We haven’t been able to meet again or keep in touch. Hope to see you soon.

Amogh Ghaisas

v l n rao
v l n rao
5 years ago

Nice tips ! Sleep by 1030 is something I have not done in years ,though !

Nagashree V
Nagashree V
5 years ago

A wonderful regime to follow to a healthy 2019… thanks a ton Mahesh ….

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