Better love your Job or this could happen to you

Love your job or this could happen to you.

This post is a special. You will learn how you can;

  • Steps to restore your health
  • Keep your job and work happily
  • Manage your investments so that you are not tied to a job you no longer like

Seema (name changed) came into my office for a consultation. Her gait suggested she was low on confidence and she looked frustrated.

I seated her and performed her Nadi Pariksha. I looked at the chart after the initial diagnosis. Her condition was similar in many ways compared to scores of other people I have seen in the past. Seema had shallow breathing and had frequent headaches. Her sleep cycle was not good. Her muscles were stiff and painful, and she felt fatigue.

My first question to Seema was; Do you love your job?

Seema replied; I hate my job.

I asked her; Then why are you working?

She said; I get a good salary. I need the money.

Seema\’s husband had taken a sabbatical and was relaxing at home while Seema earned the money which covered her family expenses and also paid off their monthly loan commitments.

She chose to compromise on her personal choices and instead decided to work. Her decision caused her self confidence.

Then Seema told me something that astonished me. She said that been consulting a doctor and she had been taking Ayurvedic tablets to manage her shallow breathing and her headache symptoms for 6 years.

What caused Seema\’s symptoms?

With my evaluation of Seema\’s condition, I realised that her symptoms were psychosomatic. Medications will not cure. They will only suppress her symptoms for a short while. Seema\’s health can be remedied only when she thinks rearranges her priorities and thinks and acts in a way that her self confidence does not get affected. Her cure lies in her willingness to change her perspective of life.

Did you know?

When you do something you don\’t love, your body reacts to the environment. It develops symptoms that can at times get chronic and even life threatening. I see people with cancers manifested at an age as early as 28 years. Money is not everything in life. It is this false perception which people are living that causes so many health problems. This causes an imbalance not only in their work and their private lives, but also in their relationships, their emotions and their psyche.

Curative steps…

Seema had bad food timing and bad food choices. I suggested Seema to begin with a dietary regimentation, lifestyle alteration, a change in her perspective of life. And I suggested that she take just 1 medicine.

It\’s been just a week. Seema\’s headache has gone completely. Her health is a lot better than before. In a few more weeks, I am looking forward to seeing a vibrant, fun loving and happy Seema.

What you can do about your health?

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

For all the symptom my body is experiencing now, what is the price I am paying to have this symptom. Is it worth it?

Get your Nadi Pariksha Diagnosis. That will help you identify the root cause of your symptoms. Most symptoms begin from unrest, unhappiness, challenges which you see as obstacles and problems and your compromises.

Take necessary steps as suggested so that you will restore your health and happiness.

Love your Job

It is important that you love your job. If your work does not excite you, change your job. Fear prevents you from seeing opportunities. Many professionals have the belief that an early investment in one\’s own house will also get you out of debt sooner. This is a bad idea. Investments must be made thoughtfully. Bad investments keep you tied you to your job.

Manage your investments

D N Prasad is an investment Guru who helps high ticket clients and people like me invest with a purpose. He has some invaluable tips which  I am sharing with you;

Invest in your dream house

\"dream-home\"Do not take home a home loan. You can instead plan your investments and buy your house with your own money. Never be stuck to your job just because you bought a house. If you have realised that financing your home loan is difficult and strangulating your finances leaving nothing for you to enjoy today and invest for the future, consider selling your house. You will, in all probability sell at a premium. Invest the interest part that you would have paid and buy your house later. This way, your choices of the job you love to work in and your happiness today will not be at stake.

Financial freedom is not in the future

\"FinancialFinancial freedom means, you don\’t require extra money today. Besides, you have money to invest, money to invest as well as for your expenditure today. You may want to tighten your money belt just a little bit so you can save for the rainy day and for any dreams you have for the future.

Always invest in your dream

Whether you are buying a house, a two wheeler or a four wheeler, always invest in your dream. Do not take a loan. Invest more than what you will have to pay the finance company. You will be able to buy your dream vehicle sooner and also have your investments pay for your fuel.

Know the difference between an investment and a liability

\"investmentI recently purchased a massage bed form my office to so that my clients have more comfort when I perform Marma Chikitsa on them. I also purchased a Bose audio system so I can delivery better sound quality when my clients are going through the energy attunement therapy. I call these my investments because I get money every time I use them.

I do not get money every time I enter my house or my car or two wheeler. These are not my investments.

Once you buy your house, do not rent it out. You are not getting money out of your house. You are finding a way to finance your home loan. Your house is not your investment.

Invest happily

When you invest, find someone who will give you advise without a desire to earn commissions. D. N. Prasad is someone who believes in educating people about smart investing without a desire to make a living out of your investment. He is someone whom you can trust. I trust him.

Mr. D. N. Prasad has consented to have me share his contact information with you. Here are his details;




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