Are you starved of love?

Why do you feel starved of love? Do you know your true nature?

Your nature is love. So, how can you, who is born of love, born as love, lack in love?

The false notion that you lack in love is born out of your ignorance. Your ignorance tells you that you need to be loved by someone so that you can experience love.

No one can love you more than the love you can experience yourself. So, if you are experiencing a lack of love, that is an indication that you are looking outside of yourself for acceptance and appreciation. You must never beg for love. The hungry beg for food because food fills the stomach. But, the heart is always filled with love. When you experience a void in your heart, you can conclude that you have allowed your mind to take charge. The mind always looks outside for more and more and ignores what the heart already has.

Don\’t you see how your desires take control of you? Despite having so many comforts such as mobile phone, internet, couch, four walls and a roof over your head, television, and good food, you still want to buy more and more gadgets, you want to eat out to increase your pleasures and comforts.

Do you know that a person who is starved of food is not half as bad as a person who is starved of love!

Love is God and God is love. when you are starved of love, you are forgetting your nature. Your nature is that of God. When God created you, He made you as a mirror of Himself. This means, you have everything that He has. So, your feeling of being starved of love is just a false notion. It is not true.

So, what can you do to get out of this notion of being starved of love when you have just split from a partner?

You must investigate the depth of attachment and expectation you have from your perception of your partner. When you close your eyes and imagine your partner in front of you, your heart will ache. Your eyes will well up with tears of sorrow. All this happens because of your expectation and your attachment to the form of your partner that you hold within your memory. It\’s all in your memory, right? You agree?

So, you need to remove your attachment and expectation. This is the way to remove the sense of void. When the sensation of void is removed, love is what remains. You will then be free of the attachment.

Mrs Phyllis Krystal taught us the practice of Cutting the ties that bind. This is a wonderful technique and I have been using this technique with my clients for over 8 years. The transformation and restoration of love in their hearts fill us with gratitude.

I have worked with people who have had a divorce, who have lost their partner, mothers who have lost their children in accidents and also women whose modesty has been affected. In each of these cases, the transformation brings them closer to love.

Our efforts must be driven towards restoring love in our heart. There is no love outside of us. What we see outside is simply a reflection of our own love.

From today, take a pledge to love yourself. Only then can you experience true love all around you.

–Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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