Mahopeksha - The great forgiveness - renew and refresh your mind and heal your body - forgive-freedom from emotional pain and attachments - love

Forgiveness is important

Your body is born from love. So, the vibrations of love is what promotes healthy growth and healthy sustenance of your body. When you harbour emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, envy or any other emotion which is not of love, your body does not understand the vibration. It is similar to placing a plant in shade that requires sunshine. The plant does not understand how to grow in shade and so, it will whither away and die. The same will happen to your body when you harbour emotions that are not of love.

Where are all these emotions stored?

The mind is essentially a vibration. There are multiple, rather countless frequencies of the mind. All vibrations of love, joy, peace, happiness, and all the other kinds of emotions are present in the mind as vibrations. When we operate as individuals, we connect to these vibrations. This is how we are able to be sad, happy, peaceful, loving etc. When we connect to a particular frequency repeatedly, our cells, which also vibrate in a certain frequency, get attuned to the frequency you are attuning yourself to. So, if you are attuning to happiness or joy frequencies, your body will respond likewise. Your hunger will be good and your sleep will be terrific.

On the contrary, if you are connecting to anger, jealousy or hatred, your cells attune to that frequency, and your body will develop a new kind of cellular mass which will reflect that frequency. These clusters of mass of cells are not of love. They are born out of anger, hatred and jealousy. So, they exist, work and grow differently. These kinds of cells are what become unfriendly to the rest of the body. Medically, these cells are called cancerous cells. They spread more of the anger, hatred and jealousy frequencies. They will change the way the body operates. They will destroy the body. It’s a programmed way of self destruction.

Forgiveness is important

Forgiveness is important because it releases from your mind all the frequencies that are not of love. When you release all emotions that are not born out of love, love is what remains. That is because, you are born out of love. And love is what is natural to you. Only when you’re in love, your body will heal. No amount of medications can heal your body. Medications only increase your body’s ability to tolerate the abuse.

During the period you take the medication, you will feel more comfortable and convenient. Choose to learn from your mistakes and make amends to your life. Choose to forgive, to return to love. The medications then will be withdrawn and your body will be healed. If you choose to loathe in the comfort and convenience of medication, your body will develop further complications and that will lead you to hospitalisation and you will end your life with multi-organ failure. 

You choose what kind of a life you want to live and how you want your life to end. And then act accordingly.

Life is meant to be lived in love. Share the love you create everyday with the Universe. Your life will turn to bliss and joy this way.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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