You’re here to Spread Love

You were born of love and spread love. This means, only when the love in your parents reached a pinnacle that they decided to get together and then you were born. This is the only way we all were born. At least, most of us.

Love is what we know. To love is the only thing we don\’t need to practice. It comes naturally to us. So, it is evident that to spread this love also, is the only thing we can do without trying. However, there is a way to do it. And that is what I will be sharing with you today.

There is this practice that I learnt from a very elderly lady. She taught this practice to me and several others when she was 99 years of age. This technique is called the Maypole Meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to get back to the love that you are. The practice is very simple and easy to do. Consistency makes it even easier to be in love and sharing this love becomes easy.

Be in love

So, the first practice is to be in love. And this is what the Maypole Meditation does. I have an audio guide that you can download from my website. And for the season, we have reduced to cost from ₹399 to ₹99. So, our primary purpose is to make such practices accessible to you.

When you are in love, you no longer judge. You are all accepting and allowing everything to exist as it is without wanting anything to change. This is being in love.

Nurture your Self Worth

When you are high on Self Love, the next step is to nurture your self worth. Self worth is a conscious practice to value your existence on this planet. There is a difference between feeling important and giving value to yourself. You work and earn money because you feel you are important. t\’o value yourself means to allow your body to rest. To know what is the value of your time. When to say \”No\” others. How to clothe yourself. What is it you\’re on this earth for? Of what use, is your existence to others? Am I using my ability to process thoughts and information in the most appropriate manner? Am I truthful to myself and to others? All these measure up to your self worth.

Self Trust

When you align with self worth, you will be able to build your trust for yourself and others. Trust is a big thing. It takes years to build your trust but takes only a few moments to lose it.

When you trust, the question arises, whom do you trust? Everybody\’s attitude is changing. so, whom do I trust?

The answer is, Trust in your self. This is very important. Self Trust means to trust in your inner self, your gut feeling, your intuition and to trust in the your knowledge and skills that you have acquired. While your inner guidance, your intuition or your gut feel will guide you, your skills will help you survive well on this planet.

With self love, self worth and self trust, the result is Self confidence. Your self confidence helps you operate in the world with courage and determination.

Spread Love

To love unconditionally, you need to be in love. You must also trust in the possibility of loving without expecting. Only then can you spread love. To love unconditionally, the Maypole meditation is a wonderful practice. You can purchase the Maypole Meditation Audio Guide when we have a 75% OFF Season\’s offer until December 31st.

Remember, people aren’t bad. They’re born of God. But, their attitude is born of their minds. Their attitudes are what you might dislike. So, sharing love with them becomes easy when you understand that a person is different from his or her attitude. 

By sharing love with people, the practice of spreading love in people’s hearts melts our judgement of them and their attitudes so that we can love unconditionally. The practice of spreading love is freeing and liberating. Love is healing.

You are here to spread love. Everything else is secondary.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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