This is how our histories have become a myth

If you want to know how our histories have become a myth, here is something that will quench your thirst.

\"ThisI am in Ludhiana. This is the industrial capital of India. Some of the best industries are located in this City. It is also the land of great Indian food. Believe me… I am being treated to home food everyday. If you didn’t know where Ludhiana is, here is some recap for you. Ludhiana is in Punjab.

I have come here to teach Ayurvedic Doctors Nadi Pariksha – the Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis.

When I think Punjab, I imagine people with turbans dancing. I remember the brave punjabis and the sardar jokes.

The border movie shows Sunny Deol as a Sardar commander who boosts the morale of his regiment that is fighting Pakistan.

We have also heard that Punjabis have a high sense of self worth. They will work for food. They will never beg.

We’ve also heard that Punjabis are compassionate people. They serve everyone without looking at their caste or colour.

\"\"Punjabis are strong and eat the best food. Their lassi glass is larger than my face.

In one word, Punjab signifies courage, boldness, guts, bravery, enthusiasm, fun and compassion all rolled into one.

But, that is all becoming something of the past.

The Punjabi youth today are obese, drunk, smoking and drugged lot. There is not a thread of health on them.

The Sikh is sick. Punjab and the Punjabis are becoming a myth just like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Where is the problem?

Punjab today is rotting in its affluence. Money and luxury is eating into the youth’s common sense. Today\’s Punjabi youth don\’t want to work. They are wiling away their time unnecessarily.

There are but a few people who are sane, wanting to make a difference to the scene.

Today, Punjab is the drug capital of India. This land will lose its charm as the land of the brave soldiers, happy dancing people if some transformation is not brought into the mindsets of the youth. The Punjab we know of, has become a myth.

It seems ironical. I believe the same kind of changes might have happened thousands of years ago, centuries ago, and also decades ago wiping out our history. Probably, this is how histories have become a myth.

It is an urgent appeal to the youth of Punjab to preserve your glorious tradition. You have always been a feather on our cap.

What Nadichikitsa is doing?

We are awakening the conscience of the people of Punjab through several programmes and practices.

People of Punjab are taking our practices to enhance their self worth. They are loving their existence like before. We have trained People in Punjab locally so that they can continue to train scores of others and walk them towards self reliance.

What you can do to stop Punjab\’s histories become a myth

  1. Meditate everyday so peace and joy can once again rise in you
  2. Let your food express your work. Not your lifestyle. If you are sitting in one place for long hours, turn vegetarian
  3. Drink lassi, not liquor
  4. Work for wealth. Do not rot in papa’s luxury
  5. Honour your tradition. Read your sacred texts daily. These are aphorisms of wisdom
  6. Associate with us to help more individuals and groups of people.

If you have any other suggestions, do pen down here and share with your Punjabi friend or colleague.

 – Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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