Your virtual Universe is alive

Ayurvedic texts quote that health concerns begin in the mind and then percolate into the body. The body itself doesn’t take to illness. And the root cause is wrong ideas, wrong perceptions and unfulfilled desires. As you read on, you will know how you have created your virtual Universe and what you\’ve been doing with it.

How does it all begin?

When you perceive, you are silently and unaware, creating a Universe for yourself. Your Virtual Universe. From the moment you are born, you live in your Universe. This Universe is unique to you. Everyone you perceive is a part of your Universe. And they exist in your Universe as you perceived them, not as them. Your life depends on what emotions and feelings you bring into your Universe.

Do you remember the story of Vishwamitra and how he created his Universe?

Well, here is the story for you to know.

There was once a very handsome King named Trishanku. He had a strong desire to go to Heaven with his physical body, so he went to his Master, Vashishtha, and told him about this desire. Trishanku begged Vashishtha to create for him a special mountain so that he could walk right up to Heaven.

Vashishtha turned down Trishanku’s request because according to the cosmic law, nobody is allowed to to ascend to heaven with a mortal body.

Trishanku felt sad and miserable. He left his kingdom on foot to look for another Master who would be kind enough to fulfil his desire. Then he came upon Vashishtha’s sons. He asked them to help him. Please grant me this boon, he said: I want to go to Heaven with this physical body of mine.”

Vashishtha’s sons became angry at Trishanku. They said, “If our father turned your offer down, we will never fulfil it! It is impossible! 

Then one of Vashishtha’s sons cursed Trishanku. He made the King’s face ugly and took away his royal stature.

Now Trishanku felt more miserable than ever. His Guru had not helped him. And his Guru’s sons had not only failed to help him but had been rude and ruthless to him. He went on walking until he came to the cottage owned by the sage Vishwamitra. He told Vishwamitra his sad story and prayed to Vishwamitra to help him.

Vishwamitra was very kind to Trishanku when he heard his story. Vishwamitra agreed to help him. So Vishwamitra used all his power and took Trishanku to Heaven with his physical body. 

But when Trishanku arrived in Heaven, Indra, asked Trishanku; How can you break the cosmic law?” And they threw him out of Heaven.

As Trishanku began descending to earth, he prayed to Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra heard Trishanku and, with his occult power Vishwamitra kept Trishanku suspended in mid-air between Heaven and earth.

Vishwamitra meditated for many, many years, and then he mustered all his occult power and spiritual power. He announced, “If Brahma could create the universe, then I too can create a universe.” And he created another world with stars, a sun and planets, only for Trishanku to live in. He announced to Trishanku. This is your virtual Universe where you can live forever.

And that is how Trishanku Swarga was created.

We too create our Universes

In the present times, we all create our alternate reality. This alternate reality is the Universe each one of us create for ourselves. This is your virtual Universe. It is a reality we all believe in. It is not the absolute truth! It is perceived truth. Each of us create our own perception. A person who speaks rudely to you might speak sweetly to me. So, your perception of the person is different from my perception of the person. Your perception is your reality and my perception is my reality. What is the absolute truth? Only God knows it.

While we create our alternate Universe, it is important for us to be aware of our our existential frequency. What is the kind of plane of awareness I am existing in! All of your perceptions come from your plane of awareness.

Don\’t blame others for what happens in your virtual Universe

A person who feels he is a victim of circumstances will always perceive others as victimisers. Such people often are physically ill and mentally and emotionally troubled. So, it is important to always clean your virtual Universe so that you can exist in a higher plane of awareness. This way you judge less and accept more of everything as it is. A life with less judgment is a life with less trouble.

When you don\’t blame others and instead accept responsibility for what is happening in your virtual Universe, life will not change for you. Your perspective of life will change for you and that will help you see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow.

How can we stay in a higher plane of awareness?

There are several planes of existence. These are happiness, anger, jealousy, lust, greed, envy, attachment, possessiveness, sorrow, grief, and the like. And then, there is love, which is all encompassing, all pervasive and which is life itself.

To stay in the highest plane of awareness, it is important for us to happy, peaceful, loving and be as free as possible towards attachment and expectation.

Here are a few practices you can apply to your life;

In every instance think; If I were God how would God handle this situation? Act accordingly in every situation. This is one of the best ways of keeping your virtual Universe clean so that you can live in the highest of existential planes.

What is God?

God is all pervasive, all encompassing and all loving. God only gives. God does not require anything in return as favours. God doesn’t punish. God is awareness. God is Love.

So, act as if you were God and see how your life transforms.

Increase your awareness. Being conscious and aware is a practice of being in the present. God is Now.

Here is a practice to be in the present;

Thumb Meditation

Make a fist of any one of your hands with your thumb held up as in the thumbs position. Place your hands comfortably and closer to your eye level so that you can observe your thumb.

I stack up two pillows on my hand is raised and closer to my eye level.

Observe the first digit of your thumb. Do not be judgmental about the shape of any peeling of skin around your nail! Just observe for 12 seconds to begin with. You can increase the time as your focus improves with absolutely no internal or thought distractions.

There is an importance and urgency to shed emotional and mental blocks from your virtual Universe. By doing this, your physical, mental and emotional health will improve drastically. There are several ways we employ at Nadichikitsa to help you shed your emotional and mental blocks so that healing is rapid at your mental, emotional and physical planes of existence.

Until you come, please keep reminding yourself that you will not blame others for what happens in your virtual Universe.

You can begin the coming year with that much less mental and emotional baggage. We have some Meditation Audio Guides for you to start your practices.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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