Increase vitamin D3 and B12 levels without medicines

You can increase vitamin B12 and D3 levels without taking medicines. A person of 65 years whom I knew had vitamin D3 levels at 3. Doctors told him to take medicines. He came home and started doing Gayatri Japa. He did 108 times Japa 3 times daily. in 3 months time, his Vitamin D3 levels were at 27.

What causes Vitamin D3 and B12 levels to fall?

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 levels become low only on account of unhappiness in man. Man is the only animal who wants to enjoy so many pleasures in life. And man mistakes these pleasures for happiness and wants more and more of it.

The feeling of lack of happiness in their minds and lack of love in their heart causes the liver to become sluggish. The liver breaks down Vitamin B12 and it is absorbed in the large intestines. Vitamin D3 that is absorbed through the skin is synthesised by the liver.

When a person becomes unhappy, the liver becomes dull. It is then unable to process simple vitamins such as Vitamin D3. Further, a dull liver also causes a subcutaneous fat layer to form under the skin resulting in lack of absorption of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin B12 is absorbed by the large intestines. Unhappiness causes intestinal peristalsis to slow down thereby slowing down digestion and absorption.

Today Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 are lower than ever. Large populations are classified as deficient in these two vitamins.

How to bring Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 up

Water is the most important resource that serves all lifeforms. Without water there is no life. Water is also a vehicle that can carry subtle vitamins and minerals in nature.

Even in the human body, water carries subtle vitamins and minerals. This is what you can do to increase your vitamin D3 levels.

Place a transparent glass jug filled with water and one Tulasi leaf exposed to eastern sun from 6-8am. If you are staying in a land where the sun rises even earlier, then place your water jug from sunrise and until 2 hours after sunrise. Then drink this water through the day. Within 3 months, you can increase your vitamin D3 and B12 levels.

Do inner work on improving your happiness levels and reduce your unhappiness, fears and apprehensions so that you can increase your vitamin D3 and B12 levels.

Help is always available

If you don\’t know how to go about this inner work, you can contact us online at or book an appointment to work with yourself.

Did you know?

When you are happy, your Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 levels are good.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

Wow! I knew this intuitively and was practicing it for myself, so felt really, really good to hear it from you with the details of the mechanism. Thanks so much!

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