Smile so your face value improves

Smile is probably the most powerful expression of all. Work gets done. People come together. Relationships become stronger. Trust grows. People who smile attract more friendship requests and people usually like to hang around those who smile or laugh more.

A smile opens your heart and hearts of others as well. 

What’s in a smile?


Smiling is an indication of being in love with oneself. If you can\’t smile, it means, you are far from loving yourself. People who love themselves smile more often. Being in love is very important. However, it must not be thought of being in love with someone else. You cannot be in love with anyone apart from yourself. When you share your love with others, you begin to connect with others. You transcend boundaries and begin to see yourself in others. You begin to set a larger boundary for yourself and your love can transform people to feel more loved. You become a spiritual magnet. Healthy people are found smiling more. Smiling is natural. Even animals respond to it.

However, when you share your love with just one person, then that love doesn’t stay for long. It takes the shape of lust, possessiveness, attachment and expectations. Sharing love with just one person is also a selfish act to experience pleasure for yourself. It directs your energies only to satisfy your natural urges.

 Smiling is natural. Even animals respond to it.

Smiling also increases Vitamin D3 levels in your body. When smiling, your dopamine levels go high. There are more benefits. When smiling, your heart rate is better and your blood pressure comes down.

People influence each other. When you are angry and upset, your influence your environment. At that time, it is more likely that you pick up a fight with someone.

What if you smile? You influence your environment likewise. You most likely will be more likeable, your will make more friends, you will also attract people like you, who smile more.

A group of people who think and act with a positive attitude are more likely to influence their peers and neighbours.

at Nadichikitsa, we believe, If you wish to stay healthy through the years to come, keep smiling. It doesn’t solve your problems for sure. But, it gives you to hope that problems come with solutions. You begin to look for possibilities and that’s how the quality of your life improves.

Stay smiling, stay focussed, stay healthy.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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