How does your child learn?

Ever wondered how does your child learn?

We all studied in the first few years of our schooling about brushing our teeth after we wake up, drink milk and eat a balanced meal and so on.

As we grew as children, we didn\’t bring milk on our birthdays! We distributed chocolates. Now, where in our textbook did we read chocolates? we didn\’t. Then how on earth did we make that choice?

Children don\’t learn from text books or from reading habits. Children learn from observing or copying. That\’s the truth.

Children observe elders around them. They copy from anyone older than them. They even copy from the ones who surround them, even if they are other kids of their own age.

Children act like a mirror. They simply copy and you can see by observing your children what they learnt from you.

Children act like mirrors. By observing them you can know what they learnt from you.

I have seen my daughter lick her fingers and realised she had copied me. I have also seen her click her camera button the exact same number of times I clicked.

What we need to train are not kids. We need to train the mind. The mind is childlike. It doesn\’t know the difference between good and bad. It will pick up anything that it is exposed to. So, expose the mind only to those aspects you want your child to pickup.

Your children are always observing you. If you don\’t have your own children, remember, your neighbour\’s children are also observing you. As an adult, you have a responsibility to shape your next generation. You are being observed. You need to be careful about how you think and act. Have the keenness to know how does your child learn!

I have observed my thinking. It is very similar to people I exposed myself to. My own brothers do not think like me. Their thinking matches the people they exposed the mind to.

Live life as an example that people can learn from. Don\’t just throw your life away. Your life is of value. Live your life so that your life\’s examples can fuel others to learn from and be inspired to do more, be more.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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