Weight Loss Diet plan

Winter is a month when hunger is heightened. Your body wants to store more fats so that you can keep your body warm. People usually eat more and put on weight which they don\’t want. There is this uncontrollable urge to eat a little more. And then, there is the guilt of having put on more weight. And then you go hunting for a weight loss diet plan.

People have been prescribed all kinds of diets to loose weight. Many of them work. Some of them don\’t. I was watching a YouTube® video last night where I saw this weight loss sensation who prescribed the KETO diet. This is a completely meat diet which promises to shed weight. Does it really work?

A client came to me after having followed the KETO diet. He is a born non-vegetarian. He followed the diet for a good 3 months. After that, he told me; I just can\’t eat so much meat. I am beginning to feel sick. Now, he has switched onto the weight loss diet plan and is actually feeling good. He has lost a good 3-5 kilos. What is most important is that his quality of life is looking good. He is happy.

Before we jump to the weight loss diet plan, there are few things you need to know about your body. Your body is alive and it has a mechanism of taking in food and processing it. Then it absorbs the nutrients in the food and converts it into energy. This is what we don\’t understand. Let me explain how.

Hunger Vs Craving

When you exercise, your body\’s metabolism gets active. You burn calories. Then your body creates hunger. In other words, your body demands food. You eat. We all understand this.

What happens when you don\’t exercise? Most people don\’t exercise. So, what happens to their metabolism? How is hunger produced then? Have you ever thought about this?

Some of the common questions I ask my clients go like this. Answering this will make you realise where you are going wrong.

Do you eat when you are hungry? Or do you eat when it is time? Or, do you eat because food arrived?

Food must be consumed when the body\’s metabolism demands it. Hunger usually happens when you have put the body through some kind of physical activity. However, when you have not put the body through a physical activity, your body metabolism stays low. Although you\’ve not put the body through any activity, the habit of eating is active in the mind. So, the mind produces a feeling of hunger. This hunger is not real though it may seem to be.

When you eat as directed by your mental hunger, your body does not know how to digest the food. Your body metabolism is going slow. It is in rest. Therefore, the food you consumed gets converted into fats and is stored in the body. The body also produces gas when it doesn\’t digest food. And, your body bulk increases. You feel lethargic, and you want to sleep more. Thoughts increase, but your body is not wanting to get up from the couch.

This is also one of the reasons why most of the New Year Resolutions fail.

Diagnosing the problem

It is very important to find the root cause of your weight gain. What is causing your body to increase its mass and volume? You can\’t just blame it on your thyroid issue or an assumed state of depression! You have to be brutally honest with yourself.

I recently went through an internal body cleansing process to restructure my eating habits. Not that I had put on weight! The results have been very encouraging. I am now so aware of what the body needs and what it doesn\’t. Food doesn\’t cause my senses to get excited anymore.

When diagnosing the problem, we need to find the internal state of organ function and also how the mind is influencing your organ function. The only way to diagnose this mind-body connect and their influence over each other is through a Pulse Diagnosis | Nadi Pariksha. This is our area of specialisation.

The Weight Loss Diet Plan

My weight loss diet plan is very simple. You do not have to cut any food from your plate. Don\’t reduce the quantity of food you eat. Just need to eat what your body needs. That\’s right. Eat only what your body needs.

Here are the generic weight loss tips you can follow which is not only about what you eat. It is about how you must treat the body so the body returns to good health.

  1. Wake up before sunrise
  2. Refresh yourself with a dose of meditation. Don\’t know where to begin, we have the necessary meditation audios ready for you.
  3. Go out for a walk. This is the simplest form of exercise you can give to the body. And you don\’t have to walk briskly! Just enjoy your walk.
  4. Don\’t just follow a habit. Watch what you body needs. Your body is always communicating to you.
  5. Many dieticians advise chapatis instead of rice. Every body behaves differently. One diet plan does not fit all. Get your mind-body connect diagnosed in the beginning and then get the diet plan that is right for you.
  6. You have a craving for chocolates but cannot stop it? No problem. Eat just one small bite before you begin your meal. This is not specific advice. I\’d suggest you consult with a mind-body connect expert before you dive in.
  7. You have a craving to eat sweets after you eat your meal? No problem. Eat that sweet before you begin your meal.
  8. Drink water that makes you urinate 6 times daily. Drinking more than adequate water does not cleanse your system. It may actually deplete your body of electrolytes.
  9. Do not stand on the weighing scale too often. Anxiety can cause weight gain. Worries don\’t produce positive results.

Your mental diet

Your mental diet is equally important . Here are a few mental weight loss tips you may want to consider.

  1. Avoid gossiping about others
  2. Talk when necessary. Enjoy quietude
  3. Avoid misusing the mind by playing video games, watching late night movies
  4. Speak only truth always. If you cannot speak the truth, don\’t speak lies. Keep quiet instead.
  5. Stop thinking about yourself and help other people through your service. Sorry! This does not include money.
  6. Think possibility instead of thinking debilitating thoughts. A busy mind can cause bloating
  7. Sleep well. The quality of your sleep keeps the mind calm and body healthy

The first signs of weight loss will not reflect on the weighing scale. The first signs of weight loss is felt in your limbs. They feel light. Your weighing scale will reflect only after a few weeks of beginning your weight loss diet plan.

Begin with your weight loss diet plan when your body has just begun putting on weight. That way the results also will show faster on you. If you have been on the heavier side of scales for long, your body will still be able to shed weight. Just that you need to wait it out a little longer.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
5 years ago

Seems like it’s written for me.. good one sir…

Manu Hallan
Manu Hallan
5 years ago

These articles are exceptionally valuable to understand the facts that books don’t teach us sufficiently. Thanks to The Special person: Nadi Chikitsak of today’s era Mr Mahesh for sharing these knowledge pages with the learners n giving an informative start to a day ???
Looking forward for such articles daily n update my knowledge…..

Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

Another nice Article Mahesh. I have already learnt these tips from you. In my case every 3 hours I actually feel hungry and if I don’t eat I get head ache that lasts till next morning. So I have continued my old habit. But thankfully I am not any worse than we last met.

2 years ago

I have practically reduced more than 10 Kg (70 to 59 kg) by following advice of Dr.Mahesh. Thanks Dr. Mahesh.

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