Heart Attack – stop it when you can

There are several causes for a heart attack. For a lay person, you need to know the primary causes for heart attack even before you think of visiting a doctor. And most doctors may miss this symptom.

At the end of this section we have a self care guide that you can download.

Primary cause of a heart attack

The most common and primary cause of a heart attack which doctors overlook is snoring. Snoring results from excessive restless and anxiety. Commonly we call it mental stress. When a person is stressed mentally, he or she develops certain habits that, overtime cause the heart to get weakened and experience a heart attack.

Secondary causes

There may be several secondary causes of a heart attack. These include;


Nicotine constricts your blood vessels and causes sclerotic changes in them. More importantly, a person with a low self worth is the one who will choose this habit. It\’s a habit that is born out of want of self importance and lack of value for ones own life.

Poor Diet

A diet that is packaged, is a heterogenous mixture of cooked and uncooked food, fruits and milk can cause the liver and the heart to get stressed. Therefore, It is important to have a healthy diet to have efficient organ functioning.


Unhealthy lifestyle that includes lack of physical activity, unhealthy food habits cause the body mass to be in excess of what is required for a healthy body. Such lifestyles begin early in childhood due to unregulated access to food and snacks in addition to addiction to gadgets, television and video games.

Obesity is also common amongst adults. The cause is physical inactivity and unregulated lifestyle and food habits. An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause several other symptoms such as diabetes which can lead to a heart attack.


Psychological stress that results from family and work situations can be a cause for a unwanted heart condition. Such stress does not lead to a heart condition in one day! People who develop unwanted heart conditions usually have a habit of keeping under wraps their stress, anger, frustration and unhappiness. The accumulated emotional and psychological stress overtime leads to heart attack.

What you can do about it?

You can download Your Self Care Guide. The Self Care Guide helps you take care of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through simple tips. We suggest you observe your symptoms of have your partner or spouse observe your symptoms and take preventive action so that you can improve your overall health and prevent an early onset of heart attack.

It is important to take expert opinions from mind-body experts such as an Ayurveda Doctor if you have any of the above symptoms or habits. If your symptoms are more pronounced or aggravated, consider getting with a cardiologist.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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