3 ways to be pain free

People have always had some kinds of aches and pains, such as back ache, head ache, neck pain, body ache and several other aches and pains. They did several things to reduce pain. I categorised them in just 3 ways to be pain free.

But people haven’t been to hospitals in the past as it is happening now.

For every ache and pain, there is an expert today. And this expert only medicates you.

Do you think these medicines will cure you?

Most medicines numb your pain. They may even cause more damage to other organs in your body. 

You must treat medicines as only a stop gap arrangement.

This means, before taking your medicines, you must investigate the actual cause of your pain symptom. Then, use the medicines only to reduce your symptoms.

I recently met a client who told me that she has been taking medicines for 6 years to manage her headache. When I did her Pulse Diagnosis | Nadi Pariksha, I found that her lungs weren\’t absorbing enough oxygen. I walked her through the 3 ways to be pain free. Her pain symptoms reduced to a minimum. Within a few days, she was pain free.

Pain is a symptom. It is an indication that something is wrong in your body. Treatment need not be major all the time. Common sense must also be used.

3 ways to be pain free

Firstly, bring your busy schedules to a stop and take time to investigate and identify the cause of your pain.

If you are not able to identify the cause, you can consult a professional who can help you identify the cause of your pain symptom.


Secondly, take immediate measures to stop that pain from aggravating. This may include changing your food preferences, lifestyle alterations and even changing the way you think and feel day to day. You may also want to take some therapies such as Marma Chikitsa that will work towards reducing pain. I personally don\’t recommend physiotherapy. I have found some of their exercises to be contra-indicative.

Following the above itself will reduce your pain drastically. If you don\’t know what food preferences and lifestyle changes to bring about, ask us and we will be help you.

Thirdly, consult a professional who will not only cure the pain, but also investigate and remove the root cause that creates the pain. The root cause can be wrong posture, wrong food habits, an emotion, a past experience or simply indiscipline.

Prevent your condition from aggravating. Aggravated conditions can lead to complications which may result in your body needing even surgical procedures.

You can get cured of pain only when you have remedied the root cause of your pain. Treat the person, not only the pain. This is the way in Ayurveda.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

Correct approach Mahesh. You had explained this very thing in June 2014 when you had come to Bombay. I had come to Mankhurd where you were staying with one Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain. You had done my pulse examination. I also had pain in both of my theighs and toes since a long time. Plus some other issues like extreme hunger etc. That pain of the theighs continued all throughout since theen and no method was working. But finally only physio therapy has given me relief just couple of months ago. I had started losing interest in life over the years but now I am substantially back on tracks. Hunger pangs are still there. I am managing my social / nature work with that and have stopped thinking about it. I had to endure the increased pain that always used to result whenever I used to give exercise to my theighs. But then I used to give up thinking that exercise is making matter worse. But eventually I just kept at it like mad and now I am feeling young and nice. So much so that I used to take frequent Vitamin tablets. But rigorous excercise (of coupled with occasional non vegetarian food intake) has solved my problem.

However subject to weird exception like in my case your view is correct. Pain in my toes is still there but I hope now that will also go away gradually. I also have neck pain which is almost constant for last 2 decades, but that is due to computers.. but for that I am changing my monitor soon. Putting a horizontal monitor in place of vertical one. Let’s see.

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