Is pain real?

Pain is not just a physical sensation. Pain occurs due to aggravation of certain states of mental attitude towards your emotional suffering. Although two people may have the same pain symptom, their experience of living in pain can be different. The root cause of pain is always an internal state of your mental attitudes towards your emotional suffering. Pain seems to be a fictitious manifestation without any apparent physical injury. I refer to yogic texts such as Hathayoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita and such other wonderful Yogic texts which have specific breathing techniques and other practices that cure pain. Here are a few instances where I have used yogic techniques in my work with people who had pain symptoms and witnessed how these wonderful techniques healed their pain.

Pain and stiffness healed instantly

Archana, a middle aged lady came to my office one day absolutely stiffened from pain. I did her pulse diagnosis and realise that it was her mental attitude and suppressed emotions that were creating her pain. Archana was aware that her mental attitudes towards her emotions were the root cause of her pain symptoms. I asked her whether she was willing to let go of the what she was holding onto. She said yes. Then all I had to do was to pray to the Higher Consciousness to heal her in a way the Higher Consciousness knows is best for her. In an instant she was healed. Connecting to the Higher Consciousness happens when you can achieve deeper levels in your meditative states. She then knelt before the altar in my office and said that she couldn\’t bend before she visited my office.

Parkinson\’s disease cured

Suvarna, who was a daughter-in-law, wife, mother-in-law and grandmother came to me for a consultation. She was diagnosed having Parkinson\’s disease. She was stooping forward and her body was bending to the left and she walked with a stick. I did her pulse diagnosis and understood that the root cause of her symptom was her fear of her mother-in-law.

I asked her what she loved doing. She said that she loved teaching young kids. So, I suggested to her that she visit a creche everyday. Suvarna knew of a creche near where she lived and began visiting the creche everyday and spending a good amount of time with the kids. Within a month, her posture straightened up. In 6 months, she was walking 5 kilometres. For the first time in 8 years, she visited her son who was working in Canada. After her return, she visited the doctor who had diagnosed her having Parikinson\’s disease. He diagnosed her again and told her that she had been misdiagnosed. She did not have any symptom of the disease thereafter.

Arm Pain cured instantly

Padmini called me over phone from Dubai. She told me that her husband Abhinav, had developed forearm pain and it was very severe. They had consulted experts and also taken the necessary scans and every report said that he was okay.

When Padmini spoke to me, I could see in my inner vision, a red glow on the 8th spinal vertebra of Abhinav\’s spinal cord, starting from the neck. So, I asked Padmini to go behind Abhinav and start placing her index finger on the vertebra as she counted each vertebra. She did so. When she touched the 8th vertebra, Abhinav screamed with pain. I knew what the problem was. Inner vision and distant vision is a Siddhi that happens to anyone who can achieve deeper states of meditation.

What I was given to know was that, Abinav was being very nice to Padmini mental attitude even when she was throwing a tantrum. She was frustrated for various reasons and there was hardly anything Abhinav could do to help Padmini overcome her frustration. So, he tolerated her mental attitudes and her emotional outbursts which led to his emotional suffering.

I asked Padmini to give the phone to Abhinav. I told Abhinav to scold Padmini and give her a piece of his mind. He told me that was the best advice he had received in a long time. The conversation ended there.

3 days later, Padmini emailed me saying that Abhinav had done what I had asked him to and his forearm pain was gone.

Migraine cured in less than 2 minutes

Sulakshana called and complained of a severe migraine that she was suffering from 2 days. She had taken pills but that didn\’t help. I asked her to come to my office. When Sulakshana arrived, I did her pulse diagnosis. The diagnosis gave me the understood that Sulakshana\’s migraine surfaced from suppressed anger and frustration. Then, I asked her to practice a particular yogic breathing technique as mentioned in the Yogic text, Hathayoga Pradipika. The 5th chapter contains therapeutic Yogic practices. When Sulakshana practiced the Yogic breathing technique for about 2 minutes, her migraine pain was cured.

When you have to cure pain, it is necessary to first diagnose the root cause. Then you need to go through the most appropriate methods of holistic healing to heal the body, mind and emotions. I have seen in several situations when my own family members have been admitted in hospitals and the doctors who diagnose, are not aware of the root cause. The patient is treated for the symptoms and when they are better, they are discharged.

Treating the symptom does not always cure the problem. It stays latent in the body, only to manifest another time and in another way. Identifying the root cause which may be your mental attitude towards your emotional suffering and treating that first is the only way to a complete cure so that there is no further recurrence of pain.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Veena Rao
Veena Rao
5 years ago

Enlightening bit of information

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