9 ways to Happiness

I have known the 9 ways to happiness and thought I must share it with all of you. So many of us holiday every year to the happier place so we can have that feeling of freedom from our daily chores, our daily routines and regimen only to find that happiness we have been craving for.

One morning recently, I started for my morning walk. The walk in Bangalore is always pleasant. On my way back, I saw Raghu. Raghu is an elderly gentleman. He had a library near the 18th cross road on 6th main. He called it Cynosure. Scores of people were members of his library.

Raghu finds his interests in politics and current affairs and, in Malleswaram and its people. To keep his library active, Raghu had to keep up to date his stock of latest magazines and books. Therefore, he would walk twice daily on a particular route he had charted which took him to the book stores from where he procured the magazines and books.

Raghu\’s library

I was a member of Cynosure when I was about 15 years of age. In other words, I have known Raghu for a little over 33 years. And every single day, I saw Raghu walking on his self charted route to purchase magazines and books.

Raghu has a smiling face. On account of his library, Raghu had to maintain customer relations and he was good at it. When we were at Cynosure, we would meet up with our school and Malleswaram buddies. We felt we were in the happiest place.

Whenever Raghu met someone on the street including me, he would greet us with a wave of his hand and a gentle smile. If we stopped by, he would connect with his favourite topics, politics and current affairs. Of course, this happened after we exchanged pleasantries.

Happy Memories from the past

On that day when I saw Raghu on my return from my morning walk, I thought to myself; I have been seeing Raghu for 33 years. He has never stepped out of Bangalore. Raghu has been walking on this self charted path every day. I have gone off roading, trekking, photographing, paragliding and what not in pursuit of happiness. Although Raghu did not do any of that, he still involved in life. He speaks lovingly. Raghu smiles as much as I do or may be even more. I wondered; Is the happiest place within?

Is there such a place which we can call the happiest place? If you didn\’t find it here, can you find it anywhere else?

I wanted to stop by and speak with Raghu but, my happy memories with Raghu kept me looking at him. Here is a list of what I have known him to be.

In conclusion, I summed up Raghu\’s outlook into points from my knowing of him so that you too can benefit. I call it the 9 ways to happiness.

The 9 ways to happiness

  1. Walk every morning and do mild exercises. This will make you happy
  2. Don\’t interfere in others lives. Don\’t gossip about others although your circle of friends may be big
  3. When someone approaches you for help, If you can help, please do. Otherwise pass on the information about help needed and leave it at that
  4. Don\’t let work become your worry. Worries at work can give you sleepless nights
  5. Take care of your money and don\’t let the quantum matter to you. Never compare your life with others, be it your money or assets
  6. Eat home cooked food. Don\’t eat out. Good health keeps you happy
  7. Your wife and children will find their happiness in different ways. Help them wherever they need your help. Leave the rest for them to figure out. This will help you stay happy always
  8. Don\’t be a gadget freak. Have a mobile or a television at home? Use them sparingly when the need arises
  9. Let the happiest place be where you are right now. Don\’t let anything excite you too much, and let anything takes your happiness away from you

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
5 years ago

Rightly pointed sir.

5 years ago

Excellent. You should give a TED TAlK on the subject of happiness

Reply to  K.V.Jayaran
5 years ago

Thank you. Will do someday when someone recommends me for a TED talk .

Veena Rao
Veena Rao
5 years ago

Very true!! especially the first sentence of point2

Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

In Maharashtra there was a saint in 17th Century, his name was Tukaram. Whole life he spent chanting the name of God. He did nothing else. He didn’t find anything interesting around exceot chanting the name of God, till he died. That is a pinnacle of happiness in my view. One should be in pursuit of sesrch for that kind of happiness in my view. That goal itself overtakes you and inatead of bringing frustration for being elusive or illusive, whatever you may say, it keeps life goijg on smoothly, because when you know for sure that some human being has achieved that sort of fete, why can’t I be the next lucky person is what keeps me going…

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