Mahopeksha – The Great Forgiveness – English Audio Guide, with instructions text – upcoming!


Mahopeksha – The Forgiveness Audio Guide

You must forgive your past and move on in life so that your life’s journey continues on your designated path.

Holding back emotions such as anger, resentment, hatred can manifest as physical symptoms in your body.

Forgiveness is a practice which has been taught by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

I was given this practice in my meditations. I bring this practice to you as it is.

What is not forgiveness!

If you perceive the practice of forgiveness that you will forgive the other person in relation with whom, you experienced anger, frustration and hatred. Alternatively if you experienced sorrow, grief, fear or felt or you felt let down or abandoned as a result of your transaction with the person, then it won’t work.

The truth is, when you try to forgive someone you have judged, you will only feel worse. There is no way you can erase a judgment.

How can you forgive your past and move on?

The method of Forgiveness I follow helps you release all the emotional cords that connect the experience to your memory. This is a sure way to You must forgive your past and move on in life.

The forgiveness audio guide is not for private circulation. It is intended to be used by you having purchased it. Prevent piracy. Help others buy their copy of the audio guide.

Before I begin, You need to know a few facts about forgiveness before you actually get into the practice.

Forgiveness Facts

    1. You cannot forgive any person.
    2. When you forgive, you heal yourself.
    3. You can only forgive a situation, an instance, an experience or a feeling that connect with you or any other person and not the actual people themselves

To completely disconnect with  an experience or a person, it is best to prepare yourself by connecting with the Cosmic Parents. With that practice, you’ll be able to bring up the pain and be able to cleanse yourself completely. forgiveness is one of the best practices. Forgiveness is the only way to heal your memories.

You can lookup a generic forgiveness practice I put on youtube some months ago.

To find out how your emotions are affecting your body, you can ask for a Nadi Pariksha consultation

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Life takes unexpected turns where people who are friends, turn enemies, and the ones whom we thought were close disappear when we need help. Life can take a wicked turn when the people with whom we feel a close proximity leave us unexpectedly due to sickness, death or due to a change in their beliefs.

When we are affected by such situations, we begin to question the very threads of existence. Why did this happen to me? We hold people and sometimes every God responsible for what is happening to us. Years of trust built over fragile beliefs comes crashing. Hope is lost in many cases and is replaced with helplessness, anger, agitation, sadness and fear.

The more you don’t want to think about your past, the bitter it becomes.

How can we crossover our past which only breeds anger, despair, sorrow and discomfort, into a better today? What can we do with our memories so we can return to peace?

Mahopeksha, meaning – The Great Forgiveness, is a practice that clears your baggage of memories. It frees us from the past that has held us hostage.

The practice is simple and profound. It works instantly and heals your heart.


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