The real reason why you are unwell

The corporate world has seen the worst healthcare crisis in the last decade and it is only going to become worse. Healthcare insurance and healthcare services are on the rise. However, there are not many people who are out there to solve the real reason why you are unwell. I have been working with people for over 29 years now. Though this problem existed before, it is achieving its peak now, or probably, it has never been this steep a climb before for people to be so unwell. why are people being sick more frequently that ever before?

With the start of loans to buy virtually anything that is offered by banks and other financial institutions, the desire to acquire saw a steep climb. The consumeristic economy which wants to keep the fire of desire to purchase ever high further boomed with the rise in take home salaries. The most rewarded and also the most affected by this are the people who are working for the IT industry.

The real reason why you are unwell

When you, as an employee clocks 6 months into your work, you get an eligibility certificate that entitles you to buy virtually anything on loan. You can then buy a television, mobile phone, a car and even a house on loan. This is where the problem begins. Before I continue ranting away, I want to ask you a question;

You have your job, okay? God forbid, what if you lose your job? Will you still be able to repay your loan?

You now face a task. You need to repay the loan. Have you planned your payouts? If you have not taken care of all crisis situations and planned beforehand, then, you will one day, face the fear such crisis brings with it. This is the real reason why you are unwell.

Yesterday, I met a person who is working in the IT industry. This man is faced with a similar situation. He looks healthy and well built, but his mind is in a mess. He has a home loan of 30 years ahead of him. Now, he is willing to do whatever he can, so that, he can have the money to pay his home loan. This is the real reason why you are unwell.

What you can do Vs What you will do

When we are young and free in our minds, we have a clear demarcation of what we can do and what we will do. When we settle in a job, we are paid for what we will do, which is our core strength. We are chosen for it, right?

However, when you have a loan to pay and you have not planned your payouts, taking all risks into consideration, all sense flies out of the window. You are now ready to do whatever job you can, so that you are able to pay your loans.

The real reason why you are unwell is that you no longer love the job you signed up for. Furthermore, you fear losing your job.

I remember a person who got into this fear and what it did to him was that, he purchased more and more properties so that he can secure his family financially. However, his body and mind suffered. We went through unwanted surgeries in his throat and spend a whopping 3 lakhs. He realised after several months, that the doctor had taken him for a ride promising him a fix for his sleep apnoea. With such worries in the mind, one will be sick more frequently.

Did you know?

Did you know, almost all of the illness you can contract which includes being sick more frequently, low immunity, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, low vitamin D3 levels, lupus, and other auto-immune disorders are due to your unplanned finances. Desires need to be accomplished based on your financial viability. If you stretch your loans to a point of lack of visibility, you will suffer during the payout period.

Work place stress happens only when you no longer love your work. You are now doing whatever you can, to secure your job so that you can repay all your loans. This is the real reason why you are unwell.

When you focus on work, and plan your finances, you will continue to grow in your work and in your finances. Then, you won\’t have any reason to be unwell.

I suggest you contact my financial advisor. He helps me plan my finances and has been the reason for several of my friends and clients to better their lives.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Deepmala Singh
Deepmala Singh
4 years ago

This was great to read & was relatable as notice now. Mostly unplanned fianances or dependency related to finances play major role in diseases.


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