Cancer is now the leading cause of death in wealthy countries

Lisa Templeton says in the medical news today that, In the United States, heart disease has traditionally topped the list as the leading cause of death for both men and women. It is currently responsible for around 1 in 4 deaths. However, experts have been wondering when cancer will overtake it. Now, a new study has found that cancer is fast becoming the leading cause of death in higher income countries. Are radiation therapy and chemotherapy the reason answers to cure cancer? Can we cure cancer naturally?

Researchers behind the study — who investigated the occurrence of common conditions and causes of death in a wide spectrum of countries across the world — say that it is not necessarily so.

More specifically, they found that cancer now causes 55% of deaths among middle aged people in higher income countries, whereas heart disease causes just 23%.

In the last 4 days of my work, I have been visited by at least 4 people with cancers. While one client was an elderly lady, the other 3 people were all below 40 years of age.

What causes cancer!

Cancer is caused primarily by a change in how we handle our emotions. Most people with cancers who have consulted with me have one specific condition – that they all have suppressed their anger and are unhappy. Happy people seldom get cancer. When I investigate and evaluate their physical, mental and psychological condition, I have often seen that these people have suppressed anger and are unhappy.

Cancer is cell mutation. This means, your body\’s cells change the way they work. This happens only because you have been abusing yourself with anger, resentment, hate, sorrow, fear, envy and grief. While you abuse yourself, your body takes the brunt of it. And that is because, your body is the only physical part of you.

Most of the clients I have seen while they were well, have been forewarned of where their emotions will lead them. Most of them ignore the warnings and cry when the symptom is eventually detected.

Curing Cancer

A lot of research is still continuing that will help cure cancer. However, there are cases of miraculous cure. One of them is Louise Hay. People who have been cured of cancer have all done a few things in common. All of them have turned down Chemotherapy. They have instead practiced joyful mediations through the day and in seclusion. They have also changed their diet to fruits and raw foods. Continuity and commitment with dedication and perseverance has rewarded them with complete remission and cure.

Why No Radiation or Chemotherapy

Radiation and Chemotherapy are processes that target cancer cells in the body. This might seem like the real cure. However, what we fail to realise is that Radiation and Chemotherapy cannot stop the body from mutating more cells that form cancer tissues. A patient must not depend on radiation and chemotherapy believing them to be cures. The real cure is in transforming your emotion and feeling to that of joy, love and happiness. It is in your ability to be happy, loving and releasing all accumulated past anger, resentment, hatred, greed, envy, jealously, fears, sorrows and grief. That\’s when real cure can happen.

Every time Radiation and Chemotherapy is administered to a patient, their bodies become that much weaker and their ability to get back to normal lives, that much slower. I have seen only one lady, who said that she never felt any side effects of radiation and chemotherapy on her. She was completely healed. But, there are very few who do not experience side effects.

How to stay cancer free?

The most important part of life is to love and be happy. These are the two simple pillars on which life must rest. All emotions must be released instantly and happiness restored. Dietary awareness is another aspect of healthy living. One must stay away from food when not hungry. Binge eating to serve your self importance can get you to be sick. And finally, count your life by the beautiful moments you have lived so that you can accept life that much more easily.

Be aware

Awareness is the most important part of a healthy emotional and psychological existence. Most people tolerate emotions and feelings. That is the problem with ones will power when you don\’t understand how to use it. It is important to be aware to ones feelings and be able to resolve it immediately so that you stop yourself from accumulating emotions and feelings that do harm.

Personally, I have faced near death state thrice. And all the three times, I have been brought back to life only because of one thing that I did. I faced this near death state without fear.

I wish you to face it without fear and regrets in life. When you come back, you will be stronger and healthier in your mind, emotion and body.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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