Will power – does it make you powerful or powerless?

I was being driven by my friend from the airport to his house so that I can diagnose, investigate and evaluate his wife\’s condition using Nadi Pariksha. On the way, he was talking about his wife and mentioning how strong she is. He told me that her will power is really strong. She is able to tolerate pain and face any adversity. Apparently, she has been ailing with a terminal illness. I wondered, if one has will power, does it make you powerful or powerless? I wonder why people do not think how they can resolve emotional pain!

Do you agree that; many a times, people do not understand what their will is and how they can put it to use.

What is your will power?

Your will power is meant to attract into your life what you want. Willing means to prepare to do something or to receive something. So, when you are willing, you are actually getting into a situation with conscious awareness. So, willing can be to either act or react, to speak your heart out or to tolerate.

Your will power can either empower or destroy you. It all depends on what you choose to do with it.

Why you must be cautious before willing

When you confront situations, it is important for you to realise what you are getting into. Here are a few questions that can help you think before you put your will power to use;

  1. Are you using your will power to compromise?
  2. Do you use your will power to tolerate a situation because you fear what others might think?
  3. Do you use your will power to suppress your desire to resign your job because you no longer love working here?
  4. Are you using your will power to  tolerate emotional pain?

Always will with caution. When you compromise, you let go of something of value for nothing in return. A compromise might get you to become mentally sick and physically ill. Furthermore, it will affect your overall determination to achieve success.

Never tolerate a situation. This is a perfect example of using your will to again compromise. You are putting up with a situation only because you don\’t want to quarrel or because you don\’t have the courage to confront the situation. Another possibility is that you are attached to the person so much so that you don\’t want a confrontation with the person and so you tolerate.

Indecision is the worst form of self sabotage. When you are indecisive, people often take advantage of you and tell you what they want of you. This can make you angry, agitated, frustrated and what not. Most people who have been indecisive have landed in unpleasant situations.

Will power and pain

Pain is a symptom which people often do not address. Pain is both physical and emotional. People also often use their will power to tolerate physical and emotional pain. I have often witnessed people encouraging one other to tolerate pain.

Most symptoms such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, depressionasthma, bronchitis, cysts and tumours, symptoms of the liver and kidney and worrisome heart related issues manifest only because you tolerated emotional pain. Your will power must be used to be resilient, meaning, to not give up your practice to overcome or resolve emotional pain. Do not withstand pain. It serves no purpose.

When you address pain with a remedy, you become more aware and strengthen your ability to identify and remove the cause the pain. Be willing to let go when it\’s time to. Holding onto pain will only result in greater suffering.

At Nadichikitsa, we teach you meditations to identify and remedy physical and emotional pain. You will be alarmed at the speed at which your body can recover.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Amardeep Gummagatta
4 years ago

good one sir the realization of one’s will power is true aspect of our achievements.

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