Self worth can get you everything you ever wanted

Literally everyone is desiring and aspiring to be successful in life. And each one of us have a different version of success. I also have met people who want to be successful without knowing what success really means! However, most people haven\’t investigated what it takes to be successful. And running behind success can take a toll on your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility, if you didn\’t get it right. There are literally countless gurus out there who are there to guide you to become successful. However, there aren\’t even a handful of those people who will tell you what internal work you need to do so that you can be driven towards success. That internal work might just be nurturing your self worth.

What is Self Worth?

When I was a kid, I used to wonder, why is it that all creatures except for man, has everything for free while its only us who have to earn this thing called money to live! It is still a very pertinent question in many young minds and especially the ones who are unable to make sense of the connection between money and living.

Self worth, as the term itself, is self explanatory. It is the measure of your worthiness. Well! What does it exactly mean to someone who has no idea about worthiness?

The idea of self worth is rooted deeply in Ayurveda which has been adopted by the World Health Organisation. Health according to WHO says;

“A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

WHO Constitution

Arriving to Physical, Mental and Social Well-being through Self Worth

This is where it all begins. Self Worth enhances or depletes with how you conduct your life. It includes what you think, what you feel, what you speak and what actions you perform. It all depends on you. Well! How? Let\’s figure it out.

Let us start your day. At what time do you wake up? Come on, answer this question to yourself! What is your wake up time?

Now, here is the second question. Does your wake up time sustain your physical, emotional and intellectual health? If it does, then here is the next question. Does it also enhance your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility? If no, then, does it deplete your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility?

When you see that your waking up sustains or enhances your physical, emotional and intellectual health, you know that you are maintaining your self worthiness. Remember the WHO Constitution? It\’s not only about your physical health. It also includes your mental and emotional health. If your waking up time actually depletes your health, then, you need to change it.

What\’s a good wakeup time?

According to Ayurveda, one must wake up before Sunrise. That constitutes good health and contributes to a continued state of good health.

Now, let us look at a thought you think. Do you often judge people? Do you often blame them, or have angry thoughts about them?

Once again, answer this question so you can get the clarity. Do these thoughts sustain, enhance or deplete your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility?

Now, bring to your memory something you said. Again, ask yourself this question. Does my way of speaking sustain, enhance or deplete my physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility?

In the same way, you also need to investigate every action you perform and ask the question.

List of activities that support your Self Worth

Listed here are some of the activities that support your Self Worth.

  • Waking up before Sunrise
  • Dedicated Meditation every morning
  • Increasing physical endurance with early morning walk, jog, run
  • Maintaining inner stability through Yoga
  • Bathing everyday
  • Scheduling your day healthily and actually working towards accomplishing the schedule you set for the day
  • Nourishing your body with a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and dinner, fruits and fresh fruit juices and all that makes your body feel light and energetic
  • Commitment to time. Being there on time
  • Working with perseverance, passion and dedication
  • Completing daily tasks
  • Connecting with family everyday
  • Proper and appropriate communication
  • Be open to learning
  • Sharing and contributing to the well-being of fellow beings on this planet in your own way
  • Invest your time laughing with family and friends everyday
  • Retiring to bed early so you can start your next day early

List of habits that deplete your Self Worth but increase your self importance

  • Switching off alarm and continuing to sleep
  • Lazing in bed
  • Killing time indulging in social media such as Facebook, snapchat, WhatsApp and others
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Drug addiction
  • Compulsive shopping online and offline
  • Gossipping
  • Indulging in sensual pleasure activities such as pornography
  • Bad mouthing and blaming others
  • Disrespecting others which includes your parents and relatives
  • procrastination
  • Leaving tasks unfinished
  • Convincing yourself that not completing a task is okay

Self Worth and disciple

We all have heard of discipline. However, most of us don\’t know what it means. This is what I have been following. For me, discipline means to be a student or disciple of something you take up.

When you take up disciplining your Self Worth, you are a student of Self Worth. You constantly observe every thought you think, every word you speak and every act you perform and constantly and consistently modify yourself in every which way so that you enhance your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility.

In the Indian scriptures, we call it Swadhyaya or Self Study.

Self worth and Health

People who often work for money are victims to high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other health problems. On the other hand, people who work with passion are the ones who enhance their physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility.

Women who expect their husbands to love them also fall victims to low self worth. Women must enhance their self worth by taking care of their physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility by leading a meaningful life full of self acceptance, and appreciation for oneself, rather than expecting their spouse and in-laws to accept and appreciate them.

When people come to me, I coach them specifically so that they can overcome their personal and professional challenges through specifically designed treatments and therapies that release your mind blocks and help you walk out of your self created prison of impossibilities into a world of possibilities.

Those who have chosen to work with themselves have rediscovered their enthusiasm and passion for life.

This is how she regained her Self Worth

I remember a lady whom I had to work with while I was coaching doctors to Learn Nadi Pariksha in Haryana. This lady was depressed because she felt her husband was not giving her importance. The husband and son were both doctors. They had shown her to several doctors and she also was on anti-depressants and yet, she had not recovered. She also had fungal infections on her body.

When I approached her, she was constantly murmuring; \”I want to die\”. I went to her bedside, gave her a session of Marma Chikitsa and asked her to get up. When she didn\’t, I began mocking her in Hindi saying; \”She\’s just acting.\” I did this for two days. And surprisingly, on the third day, she got up on her own, washed herself clean and served me hot Paranthas.

I am in touch with the family. Even today, after 11 years after that episode, she is going strong. Her husband has passed on though!

In Conclusion

Your self worth is a determining factor of your physical health, emotional stability and intellectual ability and agility. Maintaining your Self Worth can go a long way in living a good life and setting an example to so many others who look up to you.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

A very good comparison between self worth and self importance. Looks like cutting ties with self-importance will help self-worth!

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