What is this hammer worth?


Look at this image very closely. What do you think this hammer his worth? Can you answer this question before you read on?

Now, if I told you, Hercules used this hammer, what do you think this hammer is worth?

The worthiness of a hammer depends on who wielded it, isn\’t it?

The mind is likewise. It\’s worth depends on who uses it. The mind can be a priceless tool that we can use to create wonders of the world, or it can become a burden when you only find trouble and sorrow brewing in it.

How worthy is the mind to you?

What happens when you want to snub life out?

I recently had a client\’s mother call me frantically. she said it\’s an emergency. I called her. She told me that her son was contemplating suicide and she didn\’t know what to do. So, she called me. She also told me that she did not want her son to go the psychiatry medicine way but wanted him to get back to life.

When I met her son, he told me that everything he ever did in his life, was to put least effort so that he could sail through life. And whenever there were situations that demand effort, he would want to run away from that situation.

I had to converse with him and tell him what life was all about and how we can overcome our self created obstacles merely by changing the perspective or the way we view every situation.

I see many people these days who are scared to take responsibilities of life and live life. Challenges are everywhere. No one is free of challenges. Furthermore, if at all, this person takes the extreme step, he wouldn\’t be free even then. He would be a disembodied soul who would watch his parents and siblings wail but he himself wouldn\’t be able to do anything about it. The worst part of all this would be that he would be there, hanging in Netherland for, God knows how long.

You can break unwanted thought patterns

At Nadichikitsa, we use several therapies and treatments that help break patterns and beliefs and restore the confidence in a person so that you are ready to take up responsibilities of life.

Parihani Chikitsa is one such therapy we use to break patterns. When you have to break a pattern or a belief, we need to do a radicle act. A radicle act disturbs the patterned behaviour. zIt is not easy to do a radicle or random act. And that is why we use Parihani Chikitsa. This is a specialised way to drop your unwanted patterns.

Once that is done, we follow through with Nirmukt Chikitsa. This is a therapy to flush out the clutter in the mind.

The combination of these two therapies is a powerful way to transform your life.

How these therapies worked!

I walked my client through Parhani Chikitsa and Nirmukt Chikitsa. When the therapies were done, he found his suffering reduce in ten minutes. He is now finding the challenges less overwhelming. There are times when new challenges do surface in the mind. And that is when he has been taught certain other techniques that help him overcome the mind\’s patterns.

Today, he is better and recovering quickly.

In conclusion

It is important for us to discover the most appropriate way to overcome our self created challenges so that we can live life better. It is easy to take a pill. But the worthiness of one\’s existence is known by the innovative ways one has discovered to defeat life\’s challenges and move on.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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