Compromise can never make you happy

A lady came in for a consultation the other day. I performed her Nadi Pariksha. I made a list of the symptoms she had and also the root cause of all of these symptoms. When I read out the symptoms, she was definitely overwhelmed because she had ignored most of the symptoms which were lingering in her. The root cause was what caught her attention and she reflected. She had a frozen shoulder, fatty liver disease and high fasting blood sugars. The root cause of her condition were the compromises she had made with her husband. She had to even compromise her self worth.

What went wrong was that she had begun to sacrifice her small desires and aspirations for her husband, but that did nothing to their relationship. Then, the only choice she had was to either walk out of the marriage or compromise. She even compromised with her self worth.

Compromise is a ransom you pay to retain something you value

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Compromise is a ransom you pay

In a relationship between two people, where interaction is the key method of communication, one must never compromise. Compromise means to give away what you cherish in order to save something. It\’s not a choice. Compromise is a ransom you pay to retain something you value. When a man or a woman compromises in a relationship, there cannot be peace between them. There can be no harmony. The relationship will rest on threads of fire which will flareup every now and then. When you are in love, you sacrifice. There is huge value in sacrifice. You also decide what you will sacrifice and what you will sacrifice for. A sacrifice happens when you let go with love and for love, not for a person. There\’s great value in sacrifice.

Sacrifice is when you let go with love and for love

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

You need to choose when to sacrifice

\"WhatToday is World Happiness Day. I suggest every person reading this blog post to never compromise in their lives. Compromise is not worth it. When you compromise, it is like walking naked. It\’s, being bare, with nothing to secure yourself with. Compromise depletes you.

Sacrifice always enhances your value. There\’s happiness and joy in sacrifice. Let me give you an example; I was writing this blog a while ago when my son woke up and walked upto me. He likes to sit on my lap and laze for a while before he goes on to brush his teeth. Even though writing my blog is both necessary and important for me, I decided to put the laptop aside and let him sit on my lap for whatever time he wanted to. This bonding between us is invaluable. It enhances love between us. The blog can then wait for that many more minutes.

Now, let us look at an example of compromise. Roma gets married. She is disciplined and time bound. Her husband Rishab is calm, not rushed and doesn\’t bother being a few minutes late. Roma believes in valuing her\’s as well as others\’ time. Rishab doesn\’t bother much about value. Rishab takes his own time. Now Roma has a choice of either continuing valuing her time and schedules or giving into Rishab\’s indiscipline and let go of her schedules for his sake. If she gives into Rishab\’s indiscipline, that would be a compromise.

Being in Balance

When you are married to a person who does not believe in discipline or value for time, and one who decides to compromise, choose to be okay with that. However, choose to be disciplined without taunting your partner. That\’s where your happiness lies. It is necessary for each person to choose their timeline to get to the realisation that compromise depletes their life. Telling them won\’t help. It might actually create more friction than produce results. Marriage is an arrangement of opposites of not only the sexes but also of mental attributes. What\’s common is the love that blooms between them. When you are aware, you will sacrifice your indiscipline for love to blossom and spread.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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