Secret formula to stay healthy

Ayurveda is the way to maintain good immunity. A formula believed to be written in the 6th century BCE contains ancient practices to keep oneself, the family and the community healthy.


Dr Masaru Emoto, an eminent researcher, proved that water molecules also change their structure based on their treatment. Water is life itself, and Prana is present in water.

First secret formula

Any person who drinks eight handfuls of water every morning at sunrise will have a healthy gut. Drinking energised water provides much better health with more excellent immunity.

How to energise drinking water

Prayers have the power to energise the molecular structure of water to maintain the healthy immunity of cells in the body. For example; The mantras of Rudra Namaka and Chamakam chanted by Shivites and Visnusahasranamam chanted by all Hindus are chanted to energise water.

When you pray with a copper or silver vessel filled with water placed in front of you, that water gets energised. It becomes sacred water. Drinking that water will keep you healthy.

A client of mine went on a 15 days South Indian tour with her husband and two children. In several places, she couldn\’t find bottled water. There was water in the hotels and restaurants, but not bottled water. So, each time the children required water, this is what she did. She held a glass of water in her hands and prayed. The children then drank the water. On her return, she told me that her children remained healthy throughout the journey.


We must exercise the body every day so that the body remains active. An active body is a healthy body.

Second secret formula

This specific process of helping the cells receive adequate Prana to perform their actions appropriately is called Vyayama. Yoga asana is the perfect form of Vyayama. Performing Yoga asana outdoors is more beneficial than performing it indoors.


Food is essential for your body to stay healthy. What we eat, where we eat and how we eat is extremely important. Eat cooked food within 2 1/2 hours of cooking to absorb the Prana present in the nutrition.

Third secret formula

Food is energy. When you cook food, the interaction of your energy with the Prana in food items produces subtle taste and good digestion. So, your energy or vibrational frequency is of utmost importance while cooking food, and how you cook is extremely important.

How to energise yourself

Transforming your energies is easy, and it does not require any specific exercises except that you be in a state of love.

A family in Karnal invited me to lunch. When I reached their house, the daughter-in-law of the house offered me water to drink. I picked up the tumbler, and I realised from the energy in the glass that she was unhappy about something. She was to serve lunch to us, and I felt that her energies had to change so that the lunch she served carried good energy.

So, I asked her to caress her children\’s cheeks before cooking. She said that her children had gone to her mother\’s place. Then, I asked to caress her husband\’s cheeks before cooking. She followed my instructions, and it was fun. Everyone laughed, and she blushed with love.

After that, she cooked and served lunch to the family and me. The father-in-law and her husband commented that the food was so tasty that day that they couldn\’t stop eating.

Here are some mouth-watering recipes.


The living style in every family is different. Is everyone comfortable with their lifestyle? Your lifestyle will be comfortable if it is neat and straightforward.

Food is an essential part of our lifestyle. Exercise well to be hungry enough to eat what you like eating.

Fourth Secret Formula

Praying every morning and evening keeps the subtle energy in the house harmonious. Learn harmonising prayers from your priest. Follow your tradition.

In our house, we pray every morning; my wife is very particular about her energy before cooking to get good nutrition. When our children are not in their best state of health, prayers, energised water, and a few simple mood-enhancing practices help them.

You too, can follow these simple practices to stay healthy.

Share your comments and ask your questions below.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy 

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Amogh Ghaisas
Amogh Ghaisas
5 years ago

Very nice practical easy tips.

2 years ago

Interesting article. Thank you!

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