How to wake up early morning

Waking up early morning is one of the challenges many people face. People give reasons for not waking up early morning. Some of the reasons include; You have been working upto late in the night. You\’re a morning person. Too tired to wake up in the morning. What will I do waking up so early. Nothing to do so early in the morning. One lady told me that waking up so early makes her feel like a milkman. All animals and birds wake up early morning. They all follow nature\’s principle. Why then are we so different? What makes us question waking up early morning? Why must we wake up early morning? And how to wake up early morning! How to start your day? These are the questions I\’ll try to answer in this blog.

Why are we so different?

We are so different compared to animals because we have the power to make a choice. However, I must mention here that the choices we have made are not healthy choices. We have abused our ability to make a choice and that is spoiling our lives. The belief that it\’s okay to sleep after sunrise is a dangerous one. We convince ourselves that nothing will happen. The choice we have made to live out of nature\’s principle is one that has caused the emergence of hospitals. This is why there are not many animal hospitals in the world. Remember, a drop of blood out of your arteries will dry up. That\’s what we are doing to ourselves. We are trying to live like that drop of blood outside of our arteries and believe we will not dry up.

Why must we wake up early morning?

Sunrise triggers the biological clock of the body. Our bodies are born of this earth. It has a way of living on this planet. The mind must be used to support the body stay healthy. As children, we are used to waking up early morning. Parents help children sleep longer because they believe children grow better when they get adequate rest. This affection creates a belief that it is okay to sleep for longer.

The Biological Clock

Every living organism is tuned in to the earth cycle of sunshine and darkness. Even plants are tuned into this earth cycle. When we follow the earth cycle, the bodies are healthy. It is proof that animals are less frequently ill than humans. And every single healthy human being who has lived a long healthy life has a set of principles that are in tune with nature. They all wake up early. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise was not a stupid English phrase. It has a practice in it. Children must sleep early, get enough sleep and wake up early morning. That\’s the way they will wake up to good health.

The traditional Indian practice of Sandhyavandanam improves the connect between body-mind-spirit. It keeps the body and mind in good health. It is a practice of bringing in maximum efficiency in your existence. In the practice of Sandhyavandanam, the practitioner tunes into the biological clock of nature. He energises the water with sunlight in a specific way and consumes that water. This practice harmonises the body. It improves physical immunity against diseases and provides mental immunity against unproductive and unnecessary thoughts, feelings and sensory pleasures. It also balances vitamin and minerals in the body. Sandhyavandanam was a practice common to all sects of Hindu tradition. Most sects today have dropped the practice.

The Biological clock keeps ticking and something or the other is happening in the body even when we are sleeping. If you wake up by 4:30am, your lungs breathe better. People who are sleeping at this time tend to get breathing problems later in life. When you sleep after lunch, your metabolism slows down. This spoils digestion. People who sleep after lunch tend to develop a fatty liver disease and kidney problems.

Facts you\’d like to know

Most heart attacks happen between 2-5am. Liver problems aggravate between 1-4pm. Respiratory problems occur mostly between 10-12 midnight and between 2:30am – 6am. Body feels sleepy by 9:30pm and that\’s why you feel tired. Everything happens at a particular biological time.

If you did not clear your bowels before 7am, your body will not be able to breathe in enough Prana. You will then have more acne and pimples on your facial skin and body. If you eat your food after 7pm, your body will not be able to digest that food. It can only convert into a toxic substance that will sit in your body and create more harm than good. This is the reason for bad breath and bad body odour.

How to create a habit of waking up early?

The simplest way is to wake up to the alarm when it goes off. It doesn\’t seem easy because the body and mind will resist because of your habit. The good news is that your new habit of waking up early will get set in just 3 days. The fourth day, you will automatically wake up.


A young lady came to me with a complaint of sleep disorder. She said that in her family everyone were taking prescription anti depressants. Everyone in the family woke up not earlier than 9am. She said half the day was over by the time she decided to start her day. Her life was stagnant. She was desperate to change her life.

I suggested a simple remedy. I told her to wake up early morning and stand under the shower without preparation. Whether clothes on or clothes off, she needs to stand under the shower. And she needs to let me know by 7:30am that she is ready for the day.

She decided to start her day differently from that day. She stood under the shower for 4 days and her life changed. The 5th day onwards, she was up at sunrise. Sometimes you need to bring drastic changes to your life so that you can shock yourself out of your unproductive behaviour and habit. You are the only one who can care about your existence. Do it now.

How to start your day?

When you wake up early, spend time with yourself. This is your time with yourself. Build self worth with practices such as meditation, yoga and pranayama. Create healthy schedules for the day that you will follow. Spend time with your family. A happy morning creates a happy and healthy day and a healthy life. This is the way to start your day to good health.

Your life begins afresh every morning. Bring value to your life. This is the best gift you can give yourself every day. Have a happy day.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Nandini Vijaisimha
Nandini Vijaisimha
5 years ago

Amazing Mahesh. V. nice thoughts. Really your suggestions are practiceable too, and i would love to implement these from tomorrow itself. I love all the articles you write, and it is really insightful

Reply to  Nandini Vijaisimha
5 years ago

Thank You Nandini for your feedback. Appreciate it.

2 years ago

Simple. Yet this practice has profound implications. I myself experienced the change brought in life by adopting this method.

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