Free form writing helped this 5 year old

Free form writing is a practice that I teach adults who want to let go of their past. It helps let go of your past and return to love, peace and happiness. Sometimes, we have surprise situations which teach you more than what you think you know. Something like this happened with my friend yesterday.

The Incident

A very close friend of mine called me yesterday to narrate this incident. My friend\’s 5 year old daughter was at school. She\’s a very nice child but you know, kids are kids and there\’s no telling how they\’ll behave where. Kids are love and happiness. They blossom and become chirpy at some places while they become silent at other places. So, this girl blossomed at school when she saw her friends and became chirpy talking to her desk mate in school. The teacher it seems, had instructed to her not to talk but be quiet. The child paid no attention to the teacher\’s instructions and went on talking. When the teacher\’s patience ran out, she has apparently held this little girl\’s ear and twisted it. It did not stop there. The child was asked to stand separately for the rest of the class.

Girls are very sensitive. And this girl is even more sensitive than the ones I have known and is one with a high degree of self respect.

Back home

When she return home, she narrated the incident to her grandmother. Then her mother returned from work. She shared it with her mother as well. When her dad, my friend, returned home, He found her quiet. He got to know from his wife what had happened at school.

My friend offered her water and some snacks. She refused to eat. The little girl said that she was feeling nauseous and expressed that she\’ll not be able to eat. This girl was smart. She knew of free form writing. I had taught this to my friend a few years ago.

A 5 year old girl practices free form writing

Then, he asked his daughter whether she would want to do free form writing. She said she wanted to. Then, he lit a candle. He gave her some sheets and a pen to write. Initially she commenced by writing words but then they became simply lines. Remember, free form writing does not have a structure to it. You express as it happens to you. To this girl, it was simply lines. She wrote two sides of a sheet. Then she expressed to her father that she wanted to tear the sheets. Having her father\’s consent, she tore and threw the sheets in the bin. She was smiling soon after.

She\’s happy again

Her grandmother had given her some snacks to eat when she returned from school and the girl did not want to eat. Then, her father had given her some snacks and she did not want to eat. When she had finished free form writing, she asked for the same snack and began eating. She expressed that she was feeling better. She returned to earlier state of being love and happiness.

When your emotions and feelings accumulate in your body, your lymph nodes begin to swell. With time, these could turn cancerous.

Free form writing is a technique that helps you release your past emotions and feelings that you have been holding onto so that you can return to love. This is a life saver. I have prescribed this technique to people with cancers and I have seen how this practice has restored peace in them.

You can call us or come with an appointment for assistance to practice free form writing so that you can jump back into love, peace and happiness.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
5 years ago

Sir. I have also experienced same… ???? . Thanks for writing about it .

Nagashree V
Nagashree V
5 years ago

I used to experience piercing headaches, thats when I consulted Mahesh and he asked me a few questions. I answered those questions and I was advised free form writing. I started practicing it on a day to day basis and I was surprised to find my headache gone. Thanks Mahesh….

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