Medicine is only 30 percent of healing

Shwetha (name changed) came with a symptom of extreme giddiness. Her condition was so bad that she was unable to travel. Furthermore, she said that she feels better when she wears footwear, something we don\’t allow in our office. ?So, I had to travel to her aunt\’s house to where she travelled with difficulty. I had asked her to come along with her husband and children. I needed to understand the family matrix and how their relationships knitted. When I diagnosed, investigated and evaluated her condition with Nadi Pariksha and looked into their family, it clearly revealed that love and compassion was missing between the partners. When you medicate a person and believe that the person will be okay, know that medicine is only 30 percent of healing. The rest 70 percent comes from love, compassion and togetherness.

How do people heal?

There are a few ingredients that goes into a person\’s healing. I have summed them up so can understand that healing is not through medication alone.

The will to live

This is the most important ingredient the patient must have to be healed. The will to live brings into your life a definite possibility to take charge of your life and live life to the best of your ability. When you live with determination, you stop worrying and start living. I had a basketball coach who lost one leg but, refused to give-up on life. For such people medicine is only 30 percent of healing and it is mostly love, compassion and togetherness.

I wrote about his story in another blog. Here it is.

Proper Counselling from family members

One needs to learn how to speak with a family member. Counselling a family member must happen without expecting an outcome. Most family members counsel each other with much expectation. This causes conflicts and confrontations at home. Though the intention is to help heal, expectations usually mask the intention with which counselling was first attempted.

Family members must learn how to counsel. Counselling involves listening to the words and not the whole sentences. Counselling also involves suggesting only when asked for and not to give free advise. Listening to specifically spoken words while counselling reveals the nature of suffering and also the purpose of sharing. Finally, counselling is all about love, compassion and togetherness.

When you receive proper counselling, you can heal quickly.

Faith Moves Mountains

Faith can move mountains, they say. Sometimes, faith can heal instantly. I remember an instance that happened 14 years ago. I was in working as a Senior Research Fellow in FRLHT. The organisation also had a small hospital. One of my responsibilities was to see the patients on my daily visits. My desk was on the first floor. I could oversee the thatched roof of a small gazebo.

In the small hospital, there was a patient admitted, who had a psychological problem. She was my patient. Her problem was that she wouldn\’t step on the floor. That was her fear. I was observing her not knowing what to do which will cure her.

One day, I saw a trinket snake on the gazebo roof top. it is one of the non-venomous species of snakes. I have experience of rescuing both venomous and non-venomous snakes from buildings. So, I quickly went down. By now, the snake had gone down into the bushes. I took some time to locate it but, found it and held it. At that time, my patient\’s husband was present there. He saw the whole drama and quickly went to his wife. I didn\’t know what happened between them.

Now, let me tell you what happened when I went to see her later that day.

Faith heals

When I went to see the lady patient on my rounds in the hospital, she congratulated me saying that I had caught a cobra. I tried convincing her that it was trinket snake but, she was in no mood to take my word. She was convinced that I had caught a cobra. She further added that it was a Thursday and that was an auspicious day. She went on and on. She asked me for my home address which I shared with her. She was discharged a few days later.

Now, let me tell you what that small act of catching the trinket snake did to her.

The best piece of the story happened when she called me one weekend. I was working on that day. She enquired my whereabouts. She asked her where I was and I asked her a counter question about her whereabouts. She told me that she was standing in front of my house.

Faith had healed her.

Nadi Pariksha and healing

Nadi Pariksha is a front runner in diagnosis, investigation and evaluation of the root cause of most symptoms. The root cause of most ailments are in your anger, sorrow and fear. When the root cause has been identified, the right kind of treatment for the body and emotion is given.

In Conclusion

Medicine is only 30 percent of healing. True healing is mostly from love, compassion and togetherness.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Pratibha Badurkar
5 years ago

It’s true that only 30% (or less sometimes) Healing comes from Meditation.
Very nicely articulated.
Keep it up?

5 years ago

Some people relish attention from others when they are sick and seem to draw illness unknowingly. Constant complaining of trivial discomforts and fear of impending illness and it’s consequences are big hindrances to Healing.

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