High doses of Vitamin D3 can damage your kidneys

A 54 year old man who returned from South-East Asia which comprises of Bangkok, Cambodia, Singapore and Phuket had taken high dosage of Vitamin D3 for over 2 1/2 years and that has resulted in damaging his kidneys. Scientists who have been researching on how much vitamin D3 is safe for your body seem to agree that the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is 400-1000 IU, with 800-2000 IU recommended for adults at high-risk of osteoporosis and for older adults. We explored natural sources of Vitamin D3 and natural multivitamins through plants such as Chakramuni, through sun charged water and with mantras.

\”Although vitamin D toxicity is rare owing to a large therapeutic range, its widespread availability in various over-the-counter formulations may pose a substantial risk to uninformed patients,\” said Bourne Auguste from the University of Toronto.\”


We at Nadichikitsa, are asking some serious questions from our understanding of the human body and when it can or cannot absorb vitamin D3 and what we can do about it.

What factors cause Vitamin D3 deficiency?

We know from our diagnosis and evaluation that the number one reason for depletion in Vitamin D3 is stress. However, there are several reasons for stress to manifest. Further there\’s physical stress and psychological stresses that can cause vitamin D3 levels to reduce.

Sleep disorder is one of the major factors for reducing vitamin D3 levels. The hyperactive mind and racing thoughts that occur due to sleep disorder increase restlessness and anxiety and that triggers the fall of vitamins in your body. We figured out a way through our work with our clients, to resolve sleep disorder so that your vitamin D3 levels can improve.


Workplace stress is the second largest cause for reducing vitamin D3 levels. Workplace stress can cause several conditions which can contribute to low psychological health. Workplace stress can also cause sleep disorders. We discovered how you can reduce workplace stress so that your vitamin D3 levels can stay good.


Depression is the third largest cause of vitamin deficiency. Actually your vitamin deficiency begins when you begin being unhappy. Depression happens as the vitamin levels dip to an alarmingly low level. We figured out ways from our experience with our clients to get out of depression without medication and provide supportive therapy so that your vitamin levels can improve steadily.


Exposure to Sun does not increase your Vitamin D3 levels?

When we get stressed over sleep disorder or depression or workplace stress, our liver is one that takes all that stress. The liver then is unable to process the fats we consume. These fats get stored in different parts of the body and also under the skin forming a subcutaneous fat layer. This fat layer prevents absorption of vitamin D3 from direct exposure to the Sun. Further, the fatigued liver is also unable to process the synthetic vitamin D3. So, merely taking Vitamin D3 injections or tablets won\’t cure your vitamin deficiency.

The multivitamin plant – Chakramuni

Chakramuni, a hedge plant is a natural multivitamin. This plant is available in medicinal plant nurseries for a small fee. The plant\’s leaves resemble curry leaves. This plant is hardy and does not require much maintenance.

Harvesting the multivitamin plant

The leaves of this plant are rich in vitamins. They can be harvested just like curry leaves, dry fried and eaten along with rice and ghee. You can eat a handful of these leaves twice weekly.

My mother had body pains from vitamin deficiency. I had to give her just 2 doses after which her body pains vanished.

Sun charged water is a good source of Vitamin D3


Keep a clear glass bottle filled with water and 1 tulsi leaf put into the bottle, exposed to the Sun. You need to keep the bottle from 6:30 and until 2 hours. Drink the water through the day. This increases Vitamin D3 levels.

Chanting Gayatri Mantra also increases Vitamin D3 levels. This has been evidenced by several people.

In Conclusion

There are natural ways of overcoming vitamin deficiency with natural multivitamins and without the necessity of modern medications which often aren\’t completely safe and also produce side effects.

Always consult your Ayurvedic practitioner to get a correct assessment of your vitamins levels through Nadi Pariksha and then take appropriate and corrective measures through consumption of natural multivitamins.

–Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

I have personally witnessed this by doing the above mentioned practices and it has helped me to be more energetic day by day.

Thank you swami for sharing this amazing traditional practice

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