Do you have the healer code in you?

Are you attracting people with problems and see yourself as a problem solver? Do people often see YOU as the person they need to talk to? Have you observed solutions come to you from thin air that helps others? Then, there are chances that you have the healer code in you. What you may need to do is to unlock the healer code in you.

What is the healer code?

The space of healing is attracting more an more people for various reasons. Most of these people want to give. Healing is a extremely gratifying space, only if you know what gratitude really means! I am being cynical because, many of these healers, some of them acclaimed are tired of giving and get into the wanting space.

I was once introduced to a tarot card reader. She was pretty and well known for her work in elite circles. She travelled around the world. However, when I performed her Nadi Pariksha, I realised that though she had all the ability, she was very unhappy within. When I mentioned this to her, she said; I am so tired of giving. I am wanting now and I am going to get what I want.

The healer code actually are a set of attributes that each one of us have within us. If we invoke these set of codes, we can become the healer. A lot of people in the corporate circuit facilitate, counsel and empower their colleagues. However, many of them do these without unlocking the healer codes. This leaves them tired, confused and empty. When you have the healer codes enabled in you, that\’s when you truly give. There is no personal gratification. You don\’t go gaga over \”I healed this person\”. There\’s no sailing on a virtual skateboard with your hair flowing in the air. You stay grounded and in constant pursuit of learning from experiences in the world and your world within.

What are the attributes of a healer

Healers have certain attributes which in my view are what healers must possess. Here is what a healer must possess if healing is what happens when you get in touch with him or her.

  • A healer facilitates – A healer facilitates for the purpose of assisting the client without expecting an outcome from the client. The outcome is a happening and not because of the healer. When you facilitate, you take the back seat and allow the client to work their way through. You are only a guide showing them the way. Hand holding is not facilitation.
  • The healer is constantly learning. A healer is an Acharya. This means, the healer has experienced being in the situation and has learnt or has facilitated several people who are in that situation. This would have given the healer the experience to work with people with similar problems.
  • The presence of a healer is in itself a healing. Healing begins when you walk into a healer\’s place. Healers most often realise that healing is a happening and many a time, they did nothing and healing had actually happened.
  • A healer knows that the real healer is the indweller. He too operates from the space of the indweller. This is the real meaning of being a co-creator. Only those healers who are in tune with the indweller can truly facilitate. The rest of them use their clients to ease their sorrows or guilt or whatever feelings they are carrying in them.

The masked healer with a good intention

I recently had a healer come to me for a consultation. After performing her Nadi Pariksha, when I mentioned to her what emotions she was carrying within her, she broke down. She mentioned to me the trauma she has had to face with her parents. So, the core of her work has been, working with clients who have had abusive parentage. She has been silently trying to get over her own trauma by working with people who have gone through similar experiences.

  • Healers are examples for others to follow – Healers set one of the highest standards for others to follow. As a healer you cannot have one rule for you and an other rule for your clients. You have to walk the razor\’s edge. That\’s the mark of a healer.

How you can invoke the healer code in you?

There are several practices that help unlock the healer code in you. One of them is meditation. A healer has to meditate everyday. This is to realise once own worth.

My mentor once many years ago, mentioned that, he knew who I was in a specific timeline of Me as a soul in a certain body. I enquired with him. So, he said; \”find out\”. I enquired; \”How?\” to which he replied; \”go within. You will know.\”

Such was the intensity. I meditated for days together and did not rest until it was revealed to me from within. When I told my mentor what human form I had taken in that time frame, he exclaimed in relief; \”habbah! There was so much light that revelation brought into this world.\” What he said was indeed what I had experienced at that moment. That revelation had unlocked the healer codes for me and I saw a new dimension of my work unfold for me.

The whole purpose of sitting in this purposeful mediation was to discover the ability I had brought forth into this lifetime so that I know how much more I can be. What it had done to me was more. It had unlocked the healing code in me.

The healing codes are always an asset to you when you are being a healer. Unlock the healing code in you. When healing is your life purpose you will find these posts useful.

In conclusion

A healer knows the inner reality and operates from that space. Anyone operating from the mind space and providing relief of any sort is but being an instrument with many limitations.

When the divine is the healer, what obstacles can possibly exist!

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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