Chronic illness – Are people losing faith in God?

A man called me and requested me to visit his house so that I can offer my consultation to his wheel chair bound wife. When I went to their house, I was greeted by a very humble couple who were in their late sixties. After I had performed her diagnosis, investigation and evaluated her mental, emotional and physical health, she asked me; Why am I going through this? I prayed to God everyday. I believed in Him. Now, that I have this symptom. I don\’t want to pray anymore. Chronic illness can cause people to lose faith in God.

What causes chronic Illness?

People believe, when they pray to God, everything will be fine. They believe that they are insured and protected. It is wrong to have any kind of a contract with God. He is not your employer or your gladiator. God is your life\’s director. This means, He will show you the way. However, He will not interfere when you go astray. He will gently nudge you and show you the right path so that, you can resume your life\’s journey as He directs.

Chronic illness is the result of inappropriate thoughts and feelings that we harbour and inappropriate choices we make and the inappropriate decisions we take.

I have been working with people with chronic illnesses for over twenty years. Every time I have a new case, my diagnosis reveals to me their mental and emotional disturbances. With further investigations, I have the answers to the genesis of their chronic illness.

Why do people lose faith in God?

Like I said before, people want to have a transaction with God. If you give me everything I want, you are God to me, or else, I don\’t have a reason to believe in you.

All through their life, people do what they believe is right. They can instead connect within to find out, whether what they are doing is appropriate! This unwillingness to connect within to seek direction is the root cause of all ills.

There are four pillars of life. Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha. I heard a new interpretation yesterday in a talk that was shared on WhatsApp and so, I am sharing it here.

Dharma is righteousness and Artha is wealth. Kama is desire and Moksha is liberation. So, the speaker said; earn your wealth righteously and have a desire for liberation. It is so simple.

People lose faith because they don\’t know what to desire.

Let me give you an example that may clarify what I am saying.

A typical example is of a person employed in an IT company. He earns for the 20 plus days that he works for the office. How many days in a week does he really work? Does he work on Mondays without going through the Monday blues? On Tuesdays, does he work efficiently without feeling dull and bored? Do Wednesdays leave him cribbing about when the work will get over? Does guilt and fear of losing your job not take over on Thursdays and Fridays which is why you work? And aren\’t you craving about the weekend that\’s so near and yet so far?

Now, if you are this employee, are you earning your salaries righteously?

No matter where you are employed or whether you are self employed, if you are not earning your salaries righteously, you are feeding worms that will manifest later on in life, as a chronic illness. This is called Karma.

Your desire for freedom is far from it

What is freedom? People generally believe, freedom means to do whatever you like and without facing any resistance. This is a wrong or distorted notion of freedom.

Freedom means to flow like water. Such freedom can be experienced only when you align with your Inner Self. It is in His Guidance alone that you can flow. Do you know what Karma is?

Karma is the cause and consequence of our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. Every thought, feeling, intention and action is producing a consequence. You may not remember most of them! What can be worse? Your thinking habit may be so overpowering that you don\’t even know what you are thinking. Yet, they will all play out in the astral scree and only you will have the consequences stare at you. It\’s your life, isn\’t it?

Freeing yourself from the mess

So, the question is; is it possible for us to not have this chronic illness? Not to be in this mess?

The answer is both a yes and a no. I say so because, we cannot reverse or shutoff the consequences of our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. At the same time, we can have the ability to overcome the suffering. This can be done through awareness.

I met a Swamiji in Mysore. His body was so unsteady that he had to walk cautiously. After I had performed his Nadi Pariksha, he told me; I know the root cause of my problem. It happened because of a desire to free a devotee of his troubles. But, I know that I can overcome the physical suffering with awareness. Saying this, he closed his eyes. His unsteady body simply became still. His body was as still as a rock.

In some of the earlier blogs, I have shared the practice to be in awareness. It is with practicing awareness that you can overcome the consequences or Karma. In some cases, I have seen people being healed instantly as a result of practicing awarness. Hope you and your loved ones too experience such instant healing so that you can learn from your experiences and share your learnings with others. And keep your faith in God intact.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

Thanks for sharing such an eye opener and amazing article swami.

5 years ago

good Article to acknowledge the importance of GOD and pathway of life Sir

2 years ago

Illuminating work that is succour for all souls, no matter where they are in the evolving. Great share, thank you.

Be well always ❤️

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