Are you sure you are in charge of your life?

Are you sure you are in-charge of your life? Well, this experience might bring some clarity to you. My family and me visited a mall the other day. Our 7 year old son saw the toy car and said he wanted to drive in it. So, he selected the one he wanted. The car began to move and he was steering it. He was so happy driving. The drive was all of 10 minutes. When he finished driving, I asked him how his experience was and what he had learnt from the experience. My son told me that he learnt how to reverse, turn left and right and to go forward. He learnt all of that. At least that is what he thought he had learnt.

Well, this is what happened actually. After my son had sat in the car, the person who was managing his car had a remote control in his hand. The way he turned the joystick, the car followed his command. And all the while, my son thought he was driving the car.

Aren\’t we all like my 7 year old son

Don\’t we all behave like my son? We all believe we know what we are doing and celebrate when we achieve success or a breakthrough. Who is really in-charge of our our successes, our breakthroughs and our life?

Do you know, more than 95% of your life is lived in finishing your past karma? Only the 5% you are living is new. And, in that 95%, if you reacted, you create new karma. So, everything you are doing now, is predetermined. There\’s nothing new so to say.

What happens when you try to be in-charge?

Almost all illnesses that human beings suffer are caused by their ignorance and arrogance. Humans have forgotten that we are but a part of nature, just like any other living creature on this planet. We did not descend from another planet. We are all born here, on this earth. However, we treat all other creatures as slaves and assume leadership of this planet only to bring ruin upon it and upon ourselves.


It is best we know that \”The One\” that is in-charge is within us, around us and in everything you can possibly think of. So, what audacity do we have to claim ownership of this planet or even a pint of land on this earth.

Have you seen around you? There are countless hospitals around us and we are proud of being medically vigilant. However, look at the animals. They don\’t have as many medical facilities. And that is because they don\’t need it. They are far more healthier than we are. They are not in-charge. Animals simply follow nature.

To enjoy life, give up being in-charge

God, Almighty, Higher Consciousness or whatever you want to call that overseeing oneness does not take charge of any situation. It is simply a witness to all that is happening. It guides where ever someone needs a way. When you embrace being directed by your higher consciousness, you reduce risks, reduce taking a chance and instead allow yourself to be guided to success in every which way. This does not mean you don\’t act. You act with inner guidance and give up the outcomes of actions to the same source from where you received your guidance first.

In Conclusion

Life is worth living only when you act with inner guidance and don\’t be foolish taking charge of your life. Live your life well.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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