The three steps to end your suffering

Did you know that there are just the three steps to end your suffering?

Everyone one, at one point in their life come to a point when they must stop to think… How can I come out of suffering. However, there is a difference in the ways people think. Some people worry way too much, so much so that their worry creates hell for them. Some others get depressed when they suffer. There are only a few people who try to find the root cause of their suffering and take action.

The Sankhya philosophy states that there are three types of suffering. The first one is the physical suffering. Physical suffering is brought on by eating wrong foods, wrong combination of foods, wrong food timing, and wrong eating habits.

The second type is suffering that you don’t see. This type of suffering is emotional suffering. This is where the person\"The suffering may or may not see any apparent reason behind the suffering.

Then there is the third kind of suffering, which is Spiritual suffering. Spiritual suffering is caused by experience of separation from the Self.

While Physical suffering can be cured by medicine, emotional suffering needs to be first diagnosed, then treated. We become emotional because of our attachment to people and possessions.  To diagnose such suffering, there are no machines. Nādi Pariksha is the only way to diagnose emotional suffering. Through Nadi Pariksha, we can also narrow down to the root cause of physical suffering.

If this mind of suffering is not cured, physical symptoms will recur. So, assisting you in letting go of your attachment will bring about permanent relief to your physical suffering.

Sometimes, there is no apparent reason for suffering and yet, you suffer. Such type of suffering can be attributed to spiritual suffering. The only way then is to surrender within. Such suffering may not have a cure.

At NadiChikitsa™, we assist you to follow the three steps to end your suffering.

The first step is the diagnosis. Diagnosis helps you understand the root cause of your suffering.

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient form of pulse diagnosis. Till date, it is the only form of diagnosis through which we can diagnose and evaluate physical, psychological and emotional health. At Nadichikitsa™, we practice Nadi Pariksha. If you are an Ayurvedic Doctor, you can learn Nadi Pariksha by registering in one of our upcoming Nadi Pariksha Training Programmes.

Second step is physical therapy and treatments. This is necessary to reduce the physical symptoms. We practice Marma Chikitsa as a treatment modality. You can learn Marma Chikitsa to help your family members.

The third step is psychological and emotional therapy and treatment. Permanent cure is achieved when we heal the mind. Our testimonies speak for us.

A combination of all are the three steps to end your suffering.

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