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5 reasons why every Ayurvedic Doctor must learn Nadi Pariksha

Medical diagnostics is an integral part of medical science. Ayurvedic medicine too has its own diagnostic science which are classified as asthavidha or eight fold pariksha or diagnosis. Nadi Pariksha is a part of this diagnostic science which is used to find the root cause of a symptom. Interns of medical colleges are not given Nadi Pariksha Training. The reason is that there are no teachers of Nadi Pariksha and to complicate matters further, the teachers claim that it is not important to learn Nadi Pariksha.

I have listed very important 5 reasons why every Ayurvedic Doctor must undertake Nadi Pariksha Training.

5 reasons why every Ayurvedic doctor must undertake Nadi Pariksha Training

1. Value

No matter how good a doctor you are, everyone will judge you and measure you. What others think about you makes a big difference.

Here is a question to you.

In what way are you different from other doctors? What is it that you do differently that makes you stand out?

The answer to the above question determines your value.

The better your value, the better patients are able to put their trust in you.

Most Ayurvedic Doctors do not know their value. They are serving as low salaried doctors who are prescribing allopathic medicines to patients. I am sure such doctors want to make their life better by bringing more value into their lives!

2. Diagnosis and Evaluation

From the year 2000, when the modern diagnostic equipments came in, evaluation of diagnosis almost stopped. These days, doctors\"Book read the machine generated values and medicate the patient. Read this research paper that proves that doctors don\’t evaluate diagnosis.

With Nadi Pariksha, you can diagnose, evaluate, know the symptom and also the root cause of the symptom without the patient telling you anything.

Patient trust and patient referrals to you increases manifold. Here is a link to my client testimony page. See for yourself how Nadi Pariksha has worked for me.

3. Food-Lifestyle-Medicine

\"GoodOnly Ayurvedic doctors study about the harmonious way of restoring patient health through food, lifestyle and medicine. Ayurvedic doctors study the various types of food and how to suggest food as medicine (ahaar). Lifestyle corrections (vihaar) can reverse several chronic illnesses and this knowledge is known only to an Ayurvedic doctor. Preparation and administration of medicines that is specifically suitable to a patient (aushadi) and other treatments that are given so that the patient\’s health can be restored is known only to an Ayurveda doctor.

Modern medical doctors who diagnoses the patient does not have the knowledge or connect with dietetics or the dietician. The dietician prescribes a more or less generic diet to patients. And, there is no concept of lifestyle correction.

Ayurvedic doctors are sitting on a goldmine which they don\’t know how to harvest.

4. Wealth

Knowledge is true wealth. However, when you have learnt Nadi Pariksha, patients\’ perception of how knowledgeable you are multiplies. Patients queue up for your appointments. When Nadi Pariksha can reveal much of the results that only a scan or blood test can reveal, you per visit fee to the patient increases. Patients are willing to pay you that fees.

Click to book my appointment to see how much I charge for my first appointment.

5. Genuineness

Today patients are well informed. Doctors and Hospitals have turned medical treatment into a business. Today, patients are ready to pay whatever the doctor is charging. They are frustrated and want honest doctors who can really cure the patients.

When you practice Nadi Pariksha, you will know exactly what health condition the patient has. When you discuss your evaluation with the patient, their confidence in you increases manifold only because you have come to know what the real cause of the symptom is. Your honesty pays you rick dividends.

Watch the below videos to see how patients\’ trust in Nadi Pariksha and treatments have healed them.

If you are still not convinced with the 5 reasons why every Ayurvedic Doctor must learn Nadi Pariksha, click the I want to learn button at the bottom to know what you will learn.

Without Nadi Pariksha, an Ayurvedic doctor is only able to medicate according the symptom that the patient will explain to the doctor. Healing, then is only a matter of chance, not a definite possibility.

Now, every Ayurveda doctor has the opportunity to learn Nadi Pariksha.

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